#NewMenuAlert: Sushi, Shrimps & Mimosas: The Sunday Brunch At Whisky Samba Is A Weekend Treat


  • Whisky Samba has been enthralling guests in Gurgaon for a few years now
  • It is known to have the longest bar in Delhi-NCR
  • Whisky Samba is slowly making Food its high point

Whisky Samba, a classy restaurant by seasoned restaurateurs Ashish Dev Kapur and partner Joydeep Singh, has been enthralling guests in Gurgaon for a few years now. The restaurant, located at one of Gurgaon’s most posh office addresses, became popular initially, thanks to its large bouquet of cocktails, mocktails and an exhaustive wine menu. Incidentally, Whisky Samba is known to have the longest bar in Delhi-NCR. The stunning 50-foot bar offers an impressive 180 types of whisky and whisky-based cocktails. The food here was always good, but not necessarily what would pull you to this part of NCR on a weekend. Aiming to change that, the team got on board Chef Vikramjit Roy a few months back, with the result that Whisky Samba is slowly making Food its high point.


Whisky Samba recently introduced a fabulous new menu spearheaded by Chef Roy

 Chef Vikramjit Roy, of course, needs very little introduction to those who have been following the restaurant scene in India. For the uninitiated, Chef Roy is an industry veteran and the man behind such iconic brands like Tian, Pan Asian and Wasabi by Morimoto. Not many know that Chef Roy has also worked with international restaurants like Bangkok’s Nahm and the famous Din Tai Fung’s Taipei branch.

Whisky Samba recently introduced a fabulous new menu spearheaded by Chef Roy, which clearly reflects his vast experience in Pan Asian flavours. The new menu is presented well and is showcased as Gourmet Bar Meals – with the aim to tie-in their specialty bar offerings along with a fresh set of savouries and sweets.

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The new menu has modern Japanese and Pan Asian dishes as well

The menu is broadly divided into two parts – one with Modern Japanese and Pan Asian dishes and the other showcasing a set of ‘Nostalgic Mains’. The variety in the first is huge and every dish comes with super flavours and international-style presentation. But it’s the second half of the menu that I find more exotic, actually. This part is inspired by Chef Roy’s family recipes, and flavours that have been collected from all over the country over his travels; this section is a must-try for the regional-food junkies. We don’t know if these dishes are Chef’s personal favourites, but it’s safe to say they are from his personal collection and that’s good enough! 


Drawing from the new menu, Whisky Samba has created a weekend meal aimed at people from Gurgaon, and even South Delhi.  The Sunday Brunch menu, in a way, offers you the best of both worlds. You’ve got sushi, salads, burritos, toasts, and warm appetisers like dim sums, soups, fritters and stir-fried meats, with of course cocktails and wines to enjoy, plus there are also a few signature nostalgia dishes to savour as mains. 


There are rustic, artsy ‘stations’ all over the restaurant

All dishes are served on your table, while you also have these rustic, artsy ‘stations’ all over the restaurant where you could go and get a soup, salad, duck roll or even a waffle/pancake to order. 
Some of the dishes you must not miss include: Minced chicken salad, fish dumplings with roasted onion sauce, crabmeat and poached chicken toast, asparagus croissant served with a spicy celery sauce and stir fried shrimps and the duck rolls. From the Chef’s Nostalgia section, I really enjoyed the red snapper cooked in mustard and raw mango sauce.


Everything on the menu is free of refined sugar and flour

The health conscious will be happy to note that everything on the menu is free of refined sugar and flour. Additionally, a quick chat with Chef Roy revealed that beyond his dishes and presentation, he is also trying to keep his overall approach modern and relevant to the world we live in. Salads are sourced locally and picked fresh regularly, meats are cooked sous-vide style, and he tries to get on board artisanal brands in a bid to support local, seasonal produce.

The Samba Sunday Brunch Details: 

Unlimited delicacies from sushi, cold plates, salads, dim sum, warm appetisers, mains & desserts. INR 2300 ++ (Food)
Add INR 1000++ (Unlimited cocktails/beer)
Add 1500 ++ (Unlimited IMFL, cocktails, beer, sparkling wine) 
For Reservations: 011 – 33106208

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#NewMenuAlert: Hong Kong Club’s New Menu Promises A Burst Of Flavours With An Edgy Twist 


  • Hong Kong Club by Andaz Delhi is a lounge specialising in Cantonese food
  • The Hong Kong Club has found a loyal fanbase among foodies
  • The ingredients for the new menu are sourced from local farms

When about a year back, Andaz Delhi came up with a lounge specialising in Cantonese food, the expectations were towering high. After all, Andaz’s first outing in AnnaMaya had already struck a chord with foodies who loved the delicious, clean and locally sourced food that was on offer. The Hong Kong Club at Andaz, Delhi has been equally successful at finding a loyal fanbase among authentic Cantonese food lovers. And if you have haven’t had the chance to visit this trending hotspot as yet, Hong Kong Club’s sumptuous new tasting menu may be the motivation you have been looking for all this while! 

Speaking about the new menu, executive chef Alexander Moser said, “working with Chef Fuhai, we have created a modern day story, inspired by traditional Cantonese cooking. Using carefully sourced ingredients from our local partners, with time-honoured techniques, we have curated a menu with punchy flavours and the occasional edgy twist. ” 

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While Delhi has no dearth of options or accessibility to Chinese food, an authentic Cantonese fair is a rare deal. The extensive range of captivating cocktails and liquers, further elevate the dining experience at this exclusive restaurant.

Cantonese cuisine refers to the cuisine popular in China’s Guangdong Province, particularly the provincial capital, Guangzhou. The eclectic blend of sauces, balance of cold and dry ingredients and soothing consistency of soups and wok-fried dishes make Cantonese cuisine a gastronomic showstopper of sorts in the gourmet space.

The Hong Kong Club, promises to take you on an authentic and flavourful ride through the streets of Guangzhou and offer you some of the best dim sums like the crystal dumplings made with the goodness of cauliflower, red and chinese cabbage or the delicious prawns, asparagus and crispy garlic dumplings. Bao lovers can enjoy a toothsome spread of classic barbequed pork and chicken bao, or the mixed mushroom and oyster sauce bao. Then there’s a range of crispy fried, boiled and lotus leaf wrapped dumplings to leave you further spoiled for choices. 

The hot and cold appetizers made with the locally grown veggies makes for a scrumptious treat too! From asparagus, home cured cucumber, spinach, endives, pomello, scallions, shallots and a lot more fresh and crunchy delights are tossed in a variety of sauces is sure to leave your taste buds tingling long after you have left. 

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Hong Kong Club’s new menu will leave you spoiled for choices

Those looking for authentic Cantonese soup are in for a treat too! Clear mushroom broth with Kashmiri morels wonton, seafood hot and sour soup with prawns and squid lobster and hand-pulled noodle soup, chicken broth with vegetable and crispy shallots are some of the soothing treats on offer. 

Barbeque Hong Kong duck, pork belly, wok fried bamboo red rice, Cantonese sweet and sour prawns, lobster, chicken and crispy noodle fungus with shitake mushrooms are some of the other exciting dishes of the new menu that looks oh-so-interesting to miss! 

Where: Hong Kong Club, Andaz Delhi, Asset 1, Aerocity, New Delhi

Cost For Two: INR 3500

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#NewMenuAlert: Guppys Winter Ramen Festival Has 12 Types Of Ramen, Food Challenges And More!


  • Guppy at Lodhi Colony is hosting a Ramen festival this winter
  • The festival has 12 different types of ramen dishes
  • Their are different options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians

It’s the best feeling ever to slurp on a bowl of delicious noodles during winters. A bowl of piping hot noodles during a cold winter’s night is one of those simple pleasures of life that one should experience. To meet your snuggly demands, contemporary Japanese bar and kitchen Guppy in Delhi has introduced a Ramen festival called #RamenMeCrazy, the menu for which has 12 different types of Ramen, with exciting options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The ramen bowls will be a delight for people who love the convenience and warmth of one-bowl meals and the menu will cater to the tastes of both the adventurous type of foodies and foodies who like more tried-and-tested popular options. What’s more? The menu is available all through winter at the Lodhi Colony outlet of the restaurant.

Exciting Ramen Options For Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarians

The ramen bowls at Guppy, Delhi promise to win your hearts and change your perception towards Japanese cuisine, which is often only associated with raw fish. The mouth-watering vegetarian options include Hokkaido Miso Ramen served in spicy miso vegetable dashi broth topped with corn, broccoli & snow peas; Smoked Tomato Ramen served in vegetable and tomato stock topped with sautéed kale, bean sprout corn, snow peas and broccoli; and the 5 Mushroom Suimono Ramen which is the eggless ramen noodle topped with butter sautéed assorted mushrooms, bamboo shoots, nori seaweed and spring onions.

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Ramen Festival all winter at Guppy, New Delhi

For non-vegetarians, ramen options include Chicken Paiten Ramen, served in simmered chicken stock topped with braised chicken, seasonal vegetables and soy cured egg; Tokyo Shio Chicken Ramen, served in salt flavoured dashi chicken broth, topped with chicken sausage and seasonal vegetables; and Cha Shu Ramen served in 72 hour simmered pork stock topped with Guppy signature pork belly, ginger, corn, wakame seaweed, spring onions and soy cured egg. The last option is said to be particularly popular in Japan. Seafood lovers will have a chance to try Seafood Ramen & Lobster Ramen served in rich soy flavoured seafood stock.

Additionally, there are some food challenges that will give a chance to foodies to compete against each other. The Ramen on Fire Challenge will allow you to compete against a friend, in finishing a spicy ramen meal and whoever finishes it first, wins a set lunch. Turn Up The Slurp Challenge will have you competing to be the ‘loudest slurper on the table’!

Where: 28, Main Market, Lodhi Colony

Timings: Noon to 3.30pm | Dinner – 7.30 to 12.30am

Cost for 2: INR 1600 (Plus taxes)

For Reservation: +91 9650185005/ 011 24690005/6

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#NewMenuAlert: Delhi Vs Lucknow; Witness The Ultimate Culinary Clash Of Titans At The Imperial, New Delhi

Delhi and Lucknow are unarguably two of the most historically rich cities of our country. Glorious empires, foreign invasions, refugees; these cities have lived through so much that history books often do not do justice to chronicle the same. This is why culture enthusiasts are on a constant lookout for as many relics and remnants of past that serve as a reminder of the era gone by. Both Delhi and Lucknow have managed to preserve it reasonably well in multiple ways, one of them being their culinary know-how. Daniell’s Tavern at The Imperial Hotel, is paying an ode to the rich gastronomic heritage of both the cities in its upcoming food festival, ‘The Clash of The Titans- Dilli Ka Swad and Lucknawi Andaz’. Chef Ved Prakash and Chef Mirza Munnawar Baig at The Imperial will be presenting a perfect ensemble of hand-picked traditional favourites from Delhi and Lucknow respectively. From the spicy and flavourful curries of purani Dilli to the melt-in-mouth aromatic kebabs of Lucknow, brace yourself for the best foodie face-off in town.

Vijay Wanchoo, Sr. Executive Vice President and General Manager, The Imperial New Delhi, tells us that “The concept of ‘Clash of the Titans’ takes you on a delectable culinary journey of Hindustan and revives the traditional recipes, passed on to our Masterchefs Ved and Mirza by their forefathers. The menus by the chefs revisit the legendary food aesthetics of Lucknow and purani Dilli, passed on from generation to generation.” 


Murgh Dum Biryani 

He further says, “The magic is recreated for discerning diners with Gosht ki Ghilawat, Kakori kebabs, Chakunder aur Raamdana ki tikki along with an array of Dum Biryanis by Chef Mirza while Chef Ved offers his meticulous craftsmanship with Guchhi Mussalam, Mahi Nazakat, Dilli 6  ka Mutton Korma with purani Dilli ka Shahi Tukda, all to reconnect with our forgotten recipes.”


Ghosht ki gilawat

From their stash of secret ingredients and recipes, both Chef Ved and Chef Mirza have curated a spread that they have grown up with. Chef Mirza happens to be the fourth generation of Khansama from Lucknow. His forefathers have cooked for the Nawabs of the royal courts of Awadh. He has used his own blend of spices in his kebabs and biryanis that he has inherited from his family. Bringing the Dilli ka swad on table is Chef Ved. His grandfather was the head chef of one of Chandni Chowk’s most popular dhaba in the pre-partition era. 


Bharwa gulab jamun and Khoya jalebi 

So what is the essential difference between Awadhi and Delhi cuisine? Chef Ved told us that Delhi loves its gravy or any preparation for that matter to be spicy, chatpata and decadent. There is also a dominant use of garlic in our preparations that is not so common in Awadhi delights. Both his Paya Shorba and Purani Dilli Ka Mutton Korma, are both rich in spices and texture. While Awadhi preparations also make use of select spices, there is also a conscious attempt to make the dishes aromatic. There is a distinct use of kewda, cardamom and ittar. 


Purani Dilli ka Shahi tukda

We tried and absolutely loved the melt-in-mouth Dahi Anjeer ke Kebab, Mahi Nazakat (Sole fish tikka) and Chakunder aur Raamdana ki Tikki; tender, flavourful and so delicious. Kakori and Galauti kebabs cooked on coal with a secret spice mix are sure to leave you craving for more. The soothing Mutton Korma and Subz Badaam ka Shorba are all things winter-y and comforting. Vegetarians may also try their rich and robust Gucchi Mussallam, a spicy mushroom preparation made with khoya, cheese, saffron, ghee and fresh cream. 

The festival will start from 17th November and would go on until the 24th of November only. So make sure you get to taste all these traditional delights at the earliest. 

Where: Daniell’s Tavern, The Imperial New Delhi
When: 17th November, 2018 – 24th November, 2018


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#NewMenuAlert: Hyatt Regency Delhis Thai Food Festival Celebrates Delightful And Authentic Flavours


  • Hyatta Regency is hosting a 10-day Thai Food festival this month
  • The new Thai menu will available at Cafe, Polo Lounge and Sidewalk
  • From som tum to sticky rice with mango, the menu has delightful dishes

Thai food has emerged as a truly global cuisine, loved by people across the world, and is one of the most prominent Asian cuisines. The flavours of Thai cuisine combine three out of the four basic tastes- sweet, sour and salty- and are pretty popular among Asian food lovers in India as well. Thai food lovers in Delhi have a new opportunity to taste authentic Thai cuisine, right here in the city, without having to travel thousands of miles to the country of its origin. Hyatt Regency Delhi is hosting a Thai Food Festival for 10 days from October 18, 2018 to October 28, 2018 and it promises to tingle your taste buds. Thai food lovers will get to experience food the way it is eaten at the source, all thanks to a menu crafted by Chef Supattra Bonsrang, from Grand Hyatt Hotel, Kochi. Bonsrang has been flown in especially to delight Delhi with bonafide Thai flavours imported to India, from her home in Yasothon province in Thailand.

The 10-day celebration of all things Thai will feature many known and relatively lesser known dishes from the cuisine. The Thai food menu is available at Hyatt Regency in Bhikaji Cama Place, during both lunch and dinner times and is a one-of-a-kind four course meal, with delectable delights like Fried Morning Glory Flower, Pomelo Salad With Crisp Shallots, Tom Yum and Tom Kha Soups, Pad Thai Noodles, Thai Fried Rice, Fried Prawns and Fried Tofu, etc. There are enough options to make the tummies of both vegetarians and non-vegetarians happy. For vegetarians, the Fried Morning Glory and Pomelo Salad are the best bets in starters. In mains, vegetarians can opt for either Pad Thai Noodles with long beans and kaffir lime or the Fried Rice with onions and cherry tomatoes, as both of them are exceptional.

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mje6tr8gSticky rice with fresh mango at Hyatt Regency, Delhi

For non-vegetarians, the BBQ Chicken Salad with lime juice, spring onions and celery is a great appetiser option, while in the mains, there are options like Braised Pork with pok choy, pickled egg and tofu, a Seabass in Red Thai Curry as well as Fried Prawns. The prawns are especially great with the Seabass coming in a close second. Finally, for desserts, there are delightful options like lemongrass and tender coconut ice creams, chestnut and jackfruit dumplings in coconut cream and sticky rice with fresh mango. We particularly favoured the tender coconut ice-cream, every bite of which is flavourful and simply delightful. These delicious and authentic Thai dishes will be available at Café, Polo Lounge and Sidewalk at Hyatt Regency, Delhi.

Dates: 18th – 28th October, 2018

Timings: Lunch (12 pm to 3 pm), Dinner (7 pm to 11 pm)

Venue: Café, Polo Lounge & Sidewalk, Hyatt Regency Delhi, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi

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#NewMenuAlert: Head To Gurugram And Check Out These New And Exciting Menus


  • Gurugram is a hub of restaurants and cafes
  • A lot of restaurants are now bringing out new and exciting menus
  • Head to Gurugram to savour Sri Lankan food and scrumptious sushis

Gurugram peeps, this one’s for you. If you are in quest of some exciting dining options, then we’re here to help. Gurugram is a hub of restaurants and cafes, and with the ever-increasing competition, a lot of restaurants are now bringing out new and exciting menus. To enhance your culinary experience, The Westin Gurgaon, New Delhi, and Shophouse by Kylin have brought out quirky menus that shouldn’t be missed. The Westin Gurgaon would be dishing out some delectable Sri Lankan fare; whereas, the Shophouse by Kylin is sure to make the sushi lovers go crazy with its delectable and flavourful dishes. Read on to know more about them:

Sri Lankan Food Festival At The Westin Gurgaon, New Delhi

You can now relish the flavours from the island of spices at the Sri Lankan Food Festival, which is being held at Seasonal Taste, an all-day dining restaurant at The Westin Gurgaon. If you happen to have a thing for Sri Lankan food, then this one’s for you. The menu for the 10-day food festival is handcrafted by MasterChef Nalaka Hewapathirange, whose traditional southern style of cooking will take you on a phenomenal gastronomical journey. Fragrant curries of seafood and meat, vegetables cooked in the most unexpected ways, hoppers, and scrumptious ‘short eats’ will make an appearance at the Sri Lankan Food Festival. The special menu is available as part of lunch and dinner, from October 20, 2018 to October 31, 2018.

Where: The Westin Gurgaon, Sector 29, Gurugram
When: 20th October 2018 – 31st October, 2018
Price Of Buffet: INR 2,700 plus taxes per person

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Sri Lankan Food Festival At The Westin Gurgaon

Sushi Sake Festival At Shophouse By Kylin, One Horizon

If you wish to enjoy an authentic Japanese Meal, then head straight to Shophouse by Kylin, as a sushi festival is being held at this place. It brings to you a spread of fresh exotic sushi paired with the best of Japanese sake. You can take your pick from sake tasting combos and separate sushis as well. From Philadelphia Salmon Roll to Kappa Uramaki, this place has it all.

Where: T 1-107, 1st Floor, One Horizon Centre, Golf Course Road, Gurugram
When: 18th October, 2018 – 31st October, 2018
Cost For Two: INR 1,500


Sushi Sake Festival At Shophouse By Kylin

So, what are you waiting for? Head to these places and make the most of your weekend!

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#NewMenuAlert: 5 Stars To Plucks New Weekday Luncheon, A Must-Try

Going through a buffet meal in the middle of a hectic work day is not everyone’s idea of a working lunch. Buffet spreads are expected to be elaborate, and going through several courses can take time. With all the work-chatter going on, you also don’t savour the food as much, especially when main course dishes are also served buffet-style. To bring in the best of both worlds – Pluck at Pullman New Delhi Aerocity has come up with an innovative new concept. ‘Weekday Luncheons’ marries the best of buffet-style eating with the finesse of a-la-carte dining. Here, you can enjoy a buffet spread and also savour a hot, beautifully plated main course dish that would be served at the table when you are ready. 


Curry Leaf Podi Dusted Braised Lamb

Pluck, Pullman New Delhi Aerocity 

Pluck has been popular for its modern European and contemporary Indian food ever since it opened doors a few years back. The restaurant boasts of a seasonal menu that is made using quality ingredients. In fact, they have an in-house farm located in the central section of the property from where chefs source a lot of salads and vegetables to prepare exotic dishes every day. Extremely popular with the corporate crowd on weekdays, Pluck has always stood out for its innovative plating and for the dishes that are presented ‘de-constructed’ and assembled right on the table. 


Dessert at Pluck

Weekday Luncheon At Pluck

The #newmenu at Pluck, introduced via its Weekday Luncheon, is aimed at the same clientele. It helps make working lunches a quicker affair, without compromising on taste or plating.  

Here are 3 reasons you need to make this your next working lunch venue: 

1. Pre-Plated Salad Bar: Ever noticed how the salads that come plated to your table (when you order a-la-carte) taste so much better than the mishmash you assemble yourself at buffets? Well, you won’t have that problem at Weekday Luncheon. The8 restaurant has made sure that even the salads on the buffet come in small pre-assembled plates, with just the right amounts of dressing and seasoning. You won’t mess it up this time. Ah, and you also don’t waste all those greens. Another reason we love this idea. 


Salads at Weekday Luncheon at Pluck

2. Fresh Juices: The buffet offers a wide range of fresh juices, all without added sugar or any preservatives. Also, the serving size of these sealed bottles is just right. We tasted the fresh carrot and apple juice and it tasted as fresh as they come.  


Fresh Juices at Pluck

3. There are several main-course dishes to choose from. We tasted them all (yes!), and while it is really tough to recommend one over the other, if we were to pick one it would have to be the Dukkah Spiced Chicken. Dukkah is a Mediterranean spice mix that traditionally contains nuts, sesame seeds and cumin. There are many recipes for making this spice blend; the most popular ones also include herbs such as thyme and mint. But, don’t forget that this is a buffet! So, go ahead and taste the Amritsari Basket and Lentil Crusted Fish too. All main-course dishes are served hot at your table after you place your order with the server at the beginning of your meal. 


Amritsari Kulcha Basket


Weekday Luncheon at Pluck

Pluck’s Weekday Luncheon, as the name suggests, is served only on Weekdays. On weekends, the restaurant goes back to its signature menu to be ordered a-la-carte. 

When: Monday To Friday; 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm 

Price For Two: Rs 1,850 plus taxes per person 

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#NewMenuAlert: 14 New And Exciting One-Bowl Meals Are Coming To Kylin Experience In Gurugram


  • Kylin Experience in Gurugram is celebrating Bowl Meal Festival
  • The new menu has 14 different sumptuous one-bowl meals
  • The new menu will be available from 18 September to 10 October

There’s something infinitely comforting about one-bowl meals. Perhaps it’s the ease that comes with having all your food in just one utensil- you can eat it anywhere you like, from bed to couch. Additionally, it delivers a bunch of nutrition and is an amalgam of a variety of different flavours, tastes and textures in every bite. Who can resist a base of rice, noodles or pasta, dressed in a delicious sauce and topped with crunchy veggies and meats? We know that we can’t and if you feel the same, then here’s a food festival you should definitely attend. Kylin Experience in Delhi NCR’s Gurugram has put together a stunning one-bowl meal menu, with comforting single-bowl dishes from around the world and it is available at the restaurant till October 10.

With 14 superb options to choose from, the new one-bowl meal menu at Kylin has something especially good planned for healthy food lovers. They have a special Superfood Healthy Bowls sections consisting of various bowls prepared from highly nutritious ingredients like quinoa, soy, turmeric, coconut milk, melon seeds etc. The section has four options- Farmer’s Market Green Quinoa Salad Bowl, Superfoods Buddha Bowl, Vegan Bowl and Malaysian Brown Rice Bowl. The Farmer’s Market Quinoa Salad Bowl is available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options and consists of quinoa with salad greens, flex crunch and melon seeds, while the Buddha Bowl is made from quinoa topped with BBQ tofu, avocado, red cabbage, corn etc. The Vegan Bowl is made from pad-Thai noodles with minced soya and vegetables and finally the Malaysian bowl (in veg and non-veg options) is made from Malaysian veggie or fish curry with young turmeric and coconut milk over steamed brown rice.

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The Asian Bowls section is especially exciting for those wanting to experience authentic flavours with the comforts of a one-bowl meal. With a total of 10 options including Shin Chan Bowl and Gangam Bowl, this section promises to delight Asian food lovers. The Shin Chan Bowl contains soupy spicy noodles with vegetarian soya granules or minced chicken soupy spicy noodles. The Gangam Asian Bowl contains shredded grilled lamb served with sticky garlic rice. There are plenty of options to choose from, especially for non-vegetarians and fish lovers as most of these Asian bowls come with delicious meat toppings.

For example, people wanting to sample Ramen without having to travel to Japan, can taste the Roppongi Bowl, which is available in tofu, chicken and pork options and is made from a miso broth with ramen, greens and coriander topped with a boiled egg. So if you were looking for exciting and new food experiences for the coming weekend, here’s one that you’re sure to love!

Where: Goodearth City Centre, Sector 50, Gurugram

Cost For Two: INR 1000

When: All Day Long

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#NewMenuAlert: Authentic Italian Fare In The Heart Of Delhi At Sorrento

If you are looking for a slice of authentic Napolitano food culture without leaving Indian shores, then check out Sorrento, a swanky restaurant known for serving authentic Italian food in Delhi. Nestled in the classy Shangri-La’s – Eros Hotel, stepping into Sorrento feels like stepping back into a bygone era of Italian glamour with wooden tables, white and brown furnishings, low lighting and open kitchens that serve both pizzas and mains. It is elegant without being ostentatious and the outdoor seating overlooking a stunning garden is perfect for a romantic evening out. For an Italian food lover, the mark of a good Italian restaurant is one that can get its classics right. By that meter, Sorrento is a must visit.

The new menu of the restaurant, curated by the new Italian chef at Sorrento, Chef Giuseppe Angelica, is extensive and reflects the true Napolitano culture. It’s one that will make you want to come back to try their exclusive dishes, since I bet you won’t be able to have it all in a single visit. 

We started with Guazetto di Mare, which comprised beautifully sliced squid and prawns topped with a tomato broth. Juicy, tangy and fresh! Having enjoyed the opening sequence, I moved to the second dish, Risotto alla Milanese, which was a braised saffron risotto with parma-wrapped scallop, and spaghetti pomodoro (spaghetti in Pomodoro sauce with burrata and olive dust), which was made live. The highlight is undoubtedly the Porchetta, a crispy pork belly with pear glaze and pineapple reduction. You will find some unusual pasta dishes on the menu that are well worth a try. The perfect show stoppers were the desserts from their Dolce menu. As they say, that there is always room for dessert, so we started with Tiramisu, a classic Italian dessert served with tender biscuit, amaretto and mascarpone cream; followed by Torta al limone, a deconstructed lemon tart; and a delicious Panna Cotta. 


Agnolotti Mantovani


Risotto alla Milanese


Spaghetti Pomodoro 



The overall vibe of Sorrento is interactive, lively and rustic. So, the next time if you feel like sampling some delicious Italian food in the town, Sorrento at Shangri-La is the perfect place to be. The food here will stay on your mind long after you have left. Buon appetito!

Where: Ground level, Shangri-La’s – Eros Hotel, 19, Ashoka Road, Connaught Place, New Delhi.
When: Lunch – 12:30pm – 2:45pm; dinner – 7pm – 11:45pm
Dress Code: Smart Casuals, Semi-Formals
For Reservation: 011- 41191040

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#NewMenuAlert: Guppy Celebrates Fifth Birthday With New 5-Course Menu And Exciting Offers


  • Guppy in Delhi is celebrating its fifth birthday with new menu and offers
  • There are 2 new menus- one with Signature dishes and one with sushis
  • Additionally, Guppy is offering 100% discount on every fifth lunch

Delhi’s very own sojourn for Japanese food lovers, Guppy, is celebrating five years since its launch. To commemorate the occasion, the restaurant has added a delightful new menu to its regular one, and it will be available all September. The chefs at the restaurant have created a special five-course meal menu, with multiple signature dishes, which promise to delight your taste buds and give you warm fuzzies in the tummy. Additionally, Guppy has also come up with ‘5 return gifts’, which are basically five special offers, which are valid throughout the month of September 2018. So, let’s take a look at what exactly Guppy has on offer for you during its fifth birthday celebrations and whether or not, it’s worth your while.

The Superstars Menu At Guppy

This five-course menu contains the whole package for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, including amuse bouche, soups and salads, sushi, starters, mains, accompaniments, and desserts. In non-vegetarian salads, there’s the Chirashi Seafood Salad that has prawns, tuna, salmon, crab with seasonal greens; while the vegetarian Guppy House Salad has crunchy vegetables, hearts of palm and bamboo shoots in karashi mustard dressing. The non-vegetarian sushi is made from salmon and fish eggs; while the vegetarian sushi consists of cream cheese with cucumber, avocado and asparagus. For non-vegetarian starters, there’s Chicken Karage, which is a Japanese version of soy and sake marinated fried chicken; while the vegetarian starters consists of Mushroom Gyoza, which is basically gluten-free crispy-bottom steamed pot stickers.

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nrkhej0oChirashi seafood salad at Guppy, Delhi

The non-vegetarian mains have three different options to choose from- Signature Pork Belly, Signature Black Cod and Tenderloin Cubed Steak, while their vegetarian counterparts have two stunning dishes- Mushroom Toban Yaki and Teriyaki Glazed Artichoke and Tofu. The accompaniments include garlic fried rice and Udon Noodles with exotic veggies, while the desserts include red velvet cake and matcha pudding. The menu is available all through September at just Rs. 1,555 (exclusive of taxes).

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Unlimited Sushi Menu At Guppy

Can there be a Japanese food fiesta without sushi? We think not, and Guppy is making sure that the city’s sushi lovers have their fill with their unlimited sushi menu, which will also be available at the restaurant, but only on Mondays all through September. There are enough options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians to choose from. This menu includes different courses of sushi with options like Uramaki, Hosomaki, Gunkan, Nigiri and Temaki, along with courses of soup, salad, appetiser and the chef’s selection of petit fours (an assortment of bite-sized desserts).

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Signature pork belly at Guppy, Delhi

The restaurant is taking the celebrations to the next level with some irresistible offers including a 25% discount for everyone whose birth dates have the digit 5 in it and a 100% discount on every fifth lunch this month. So, if you’re a Japanese food lover, this is your chance to binge on your favourite dishes without leaving a dent on your pockets or without actually having to travel all the way to Japan!

Where: 28, Main Market, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi

Cost: Rs. 1,555 per person (for both Supertars Menu and Unlimited Sushi Menu)

Timings: Noon to 3.30 pm and 7 pm to midnight (only in September)

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