2 Indonesian Fighter Jets Force Ethiopian Cargo Plane To Land Over Airspace Breach

Boeing 777 cargo plane was forced to land at Hang Nadim international airport on Indonesia’s Batam island


Two Indonesian F-16 fighter jets forced an Ethiopian Airlines cargo plane to land on Monday at an airport on Batam island after it had flown into Indonesian airspace without permission, an air force spokesman said.

Air force spokesman First Marshal Novyan Samyoga said in a statement the Boeing Co 777 cargo plane had been secured by air force personnel at Hang Nadim international airport on Batam, an island south of Singapore.

The cargo flight ETH 3728 had been flying from the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa to Hong Kong, Suwarso, head of Hang Nadim airport, said in a text message to Reuters.

Officials at Ethiopian Airlines could not immediately be reached for comment.

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Supreme Court Dismisses Plea For Cancelling Lease Of Kandla Port Land To Firm

The court, however, had asked the NGO to file a separate petition to challenge the new lease.

New Delhi: 

The Supreme Court has refused to interfere with a Delhi High Court order holding as not maintainable a PIL seeking cancellation of a lease awarding 50 acres of land at the Kandla Port in Gujarat to a private firm, due to lack of territorial jurisdiction.

A bench headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi said no prejudice was caused to the petitioner NGO — Centre for Public Interest Litigation (CPIL) — by asking it to move the Gujarat High Court.

“We are not inclined to interfere with the order impugned in the special leave petition as, in our considered view, no prejudice has been caused by requiring the petitioner to move the appropriate jurisdiction i.e the High Court of Gujarat, raising its grievance under the same subject matter before the said High Court. The special leave petition is, accordingly, dismissed,” the bench, also comprising Justice S K Kaul, said.

The high court, on October 1 last year, had said no part of the cause of action had arisen within its territorial jurisdiction and granted liberty to the petitioner NGO to approach the appropriate forum in accordance with law.

The bench had passed the order on the maintainability of a plea by the NGO, alleging that the Kandla Port Trust (KPT), now known as the Deendayal Port Trust, had overvalued the structures set up at the site by a firm — Friends Salt Works and Allied Industries (FSWAI) — when it had leased the land in the past, to ensure that only the said firm got the contract.

The bench had noted that the tender was issued from Gandhidham and the land was situated at Kutch in Gujarat.

It had said the plea of the NGO’s counsel, Prashant Bhushan, referring to various sections of the Major Port Trusts Act, 1963 to contend that the Centre had a role to play in the working of the KPT, was without any merit.

The petition had claimed that FSWAI did not have to pay an amount of Rs 207 crore if it was successful in the bid and added that under the earlier lease agreement, the KPT did not have any contractual obligation to compensate the firm for its assets.

The NGO had sought that if the lease awarded to the firm in April, 2015 was not cancelled, then the amount of Rs 207 crore be recovered from it.

“The introduction of the said clause in the tender (to compensate FSWAI) is illegal and arbitrary since it was the responsibility of FSWAI to remove the structures before the expiry of the (earlier) lease. The additional burden of Rs 207 crore on the other bidders put them at a significant disadvantage and ensured that the said tender would be awarded to FSWAI,” the NGO had alleged in its plea.

CPIL had earlier raised the issue in a fresh application moved in a pending petition, alleging that a huge scam had taken place during the 1960s and 1970s, when plots near the Kandla Port were leased out on the basis of nominations to private parties without a bidding process.

The court, however, had asked the NGO to file a separate petition to challenge the new lease and subsequently, it had filed the instant PIL.

The earlier PIL had also alleged irregularities in the allotment of 16,000 acres of government land, which caused a huge loss to the state.

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Bihar: RJD MLA Prahlad Yadav slaps a man in Lakhisarais Suryagarha over land dispute matter


पावर और पद का गुरुर नेताओं में किस कदर होता है, इसकी बानगी एक बार फिर से बिहार में देखने को मिली है. शुक्रवार को लालू प्रसाद यादव की पार्टी राजद के एक विधायक के ऊपर सत्ता का गुरुर सिर चढ़कर बोला और उनकी दबंगई कैमरे में कैद हो गई. दरअसल, लखीसराय जिले के सूर्यगढ़ में राजद विधायक प्रहलाद यादव ने जमीन विवाद में एक शख्स को थप्पड़ मारा और डराया धमकाया. इतना ही नहीं, विधायक ने शख्स के खिलाफ आपत्तिजनक शब्दों का इस्तेमाल भी किया.

बिहार विधानसभा में आपस में भिड़े राजद और जदयू के विधायक

समाचार एजेंसी एएनआई ने एक वीडियो जारी किया है, जिसके मुताबिक, लखीसराय जिला के सूर्यगढ़ा विधायक प्रहलाद यादव जबरन एक शख्स को डरा धमका रहे हैं और थप्पड़ मार रहे हैं. हालांकि, इस संबंध में मामला दर्ज कर लिया गया है. बता दें कि प्रहलाद यादव पर पहले भी कई आरोप लग चुके हैं. 

वीडियो देखने से साफ हो जाता है कि मामला जमीन विवाद का है. वीडियो में यह भी दिख रहा है कि घटनास्थल पर कई पुलिस कर्मी मौजूद हैं और पुलिस वालों के सामने ही राजद विधायक शख्स को थप्पड़ जड़ रहे हैं. हैरानी इस बात की है कि वहां मौजूद पुलिस (शायद बॉडीगॉर्ड) भी तमाशबीन बनी ये सब देख रही थी और बीच-बचाव करने की भी उन्होंने कोशिश नहीं की. 


तेजस्वी पर जेडीयू का पलटवार : एमएलए पर हमला करने वाले गिरफ्तार, अब पुलिस को बधाई दे दें

वीडियो में दिख रहा है कि विधायक अपने सरकारी बॉडीगार्ड के साथ एक शख्स के पास गए और उसकी पिटाई कर दी. देखने से ऐसा लग रहा है कि जमीन पर घर निर्माण का कार्य चल रहा था. तभी विधायक की यह हरकत सामने आई है. इस दौरान ही छत से किसी ने विधायक का वीडियो बना लिया. वीडियो अब वायरल हो गया है. 


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Auto Industry Troubles Buffet Ford, Jaguar Land Rover

The headwinds buffeting the global auto industry made themselves felt in Europe on Thursday as mass-market carmaker Ford and luxury-focused Jaguar Land Rover announced sweeping restructurings that will cost thousands of jobs.

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All is not going good for global auto companies such as Ford and Jaguar Land Rover

The headwinds buffeting the global auto industry made themselves felt in Europe on Thursday as mass-market carmaker Ford and luxury-focused Jaguar Land Rover announced sweeping restructurings that will cost thousands of jobs.

Ford Motor Co. said it will drop an unspecified number of jobs in Europe as it seeks to make its business there more consistently profitable. Ford is refocusing on commercial trucks and SUVs and dumping less lucrative models while shifting production to electric cars over the longer term.

The Dearborn, Michigan-based company said reductions would be achieved as far as possible through voluntary departures negotiated with unions and employee representatives. Ford of Europe, based in Cologne, Germany, has 53,000 people working for it directly and 68,000 when joint ventures such as those in Russia and Turkey are included.

The company’s new plans follow moves to close an automatic transmission plant in Bordeaux, combine administrative headquarters in Britain and end production of its C-Max models in Saarlouis, Germany.

“In the last couple of decades, Ford of Europe has never really been sustainably profitable,” Steven Armstrong, company vice president and head of its operations in Europe, Middle East and Africa, said in a conference call with reporters.

“We can only allocate capital to areas where we can get a return on that capital.”

Global automakers face multiple challenges.

They must adjust to sweeping change expected from a move toward battery-powered and autonomous vehicles, and toward providing transportation as a service through ride-hailing and car-sharing smartphone apps.

Carmakers are also facing a shift in consumer preference away from sedans and hatchbacks to sport-utility vehicles.

Meanwhile government regulation in the European Union and China are pushing them to develop more electric cars.

On top of that, consumer and business confidence have been hit by worries about Britain’s possible departure from the European Union without a negotiated trade deal, and by the U.S.-China trade disputes.

One key headwind – slowing auto sales in China – was the big issue for Jaguar Land Rover. The company says it will cut 4,500 jobs as it deals with the China downturn and growing uncertainty about the terms of Brexit. The luxury carmaker, owned by India’s Tata, says the cuts will be in addition to the 1,500 people who left the business in 2018. The company employs about 44,000 people in the U.K.

Christian Stadler, professor of strategic management at Warwick Business School, said Jaguar was facing a “perfect storm of challenges,” with the drop in Chinese sales being the most immediate problem.

“That is JLR’s biggest market, but car buyers there are reluctant to make expensive purchases as the economy is growing at its slowest rate for a decade and the country is locked in a trade war with the U.S.,” Stadler said.

The cuts will not just be bad news for the Jaguar staff, Stadler said. Thousands more workers in the U.K. are part of Jaguar supply chain – jobs that will now also be at risk.

“Brexit is another factor, with businesses increasingly concerned about the prospect of a ‘no deal’ Brexit, which would mean tighter border controls,” he said. “That would cause massive disruption as the U.K. car manufacturing industry is so closely integrated with Europe.”


The Europe announcements follow General Motors’ disclosure in November that it would lay off 14,000 factory and white-collar workers in North America and put five plants up for possible closure as it restructures to cut costs and focus more on autonomous and electric technology. Volkswagen has said it will see an unspecified number of job reductions as it changes three plants in Germany to production of electric vehicles, but assures there will be no involuntary departures before 2028.

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Jaguar Land Rover To Slash UK Jobs After China, Diesel Drop

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) will cut 10 percent of its workforce, mostly in its home market, as Britain’s biggest carmaker faces lower Chinese demand and a slump in European diesel sales.

JLR, based in central England, will cut some 4,500 out of 42,500 jobs, targeting managerial roles rather than production-line workers as it battles to return to profitability.

Owned by India’s Tata Motors, JLR also said it will build electric drive units at its Wolverhampton engine plant and create a new battery assembly center in Hams Hall, near Birmingham, as it develops a greener vehicle range.

Also Read: Auto Industry Troubles Buffet Ford, Jaguar Land Rover

JLR builds a higher proportion of its cars in Britain than any other major or medium-sized carmaker and has spent millions preparing for Brexit, in case of tariffs or customs checks.

But it lost 354 million pounds ($450 million) between April and September 2018 and had already cut around 1,000 roles in Britain, shut its Solihull plant for two weeks and announced a three-day week at its Castle Bromwich site.

JLR’s chief executive Ralf Speth said on Thursday he needed to go further as part of the company’s turnaround plan.

“We are taking decisive action to help deliver long-term growth, in the face of multiple geopolitical and regulatory disruptions as well as technology challenges facing the automotive industry,” Speth said.

JLR, which became Britain’s biggest carmaker in 2016, had been on course to build around 1 million vehicles by the turn of the decade, reported a 4.6 percent drop in full-year sales to just under 600,000 vehicles.

It has hired staff in China and Slovakia in recent years as it opens new plants and last year unveiled plans to cut costs and improve cash flows by 2.5 billion pounds.

Speth warned in September that the wrong Brexit deal could cost tens of thousands of car jobs and posed a production threat.

Ford also said on Thursday it will cut thousands of jobs in Europe, exit unprofitable markets and discontinue loss-making vehicle lines as part of a turnaround effort aimed at improving profit margins in the region.

Several companies have warned of a slowdown in China and the effect of trade wars just as automakers pump billions into greener technologies to meet stricter emissions rules and customers shun combustion engines in the face of higher levies.


Demand in China, which had once been one of its strongest countries but has since been hit by a slowdown, fell by 21.6 percent, the biggest drop of any of its markets.

“The economic slowdown in China along with ongoing trade tensions is continuing to influence consumer confidence,” said JLR Chief Commercial Officer Felix Brautigam.

Diesel accounts for 90 percent of the firm’s British sales and 45 percent of global demand, the company said last year, as demand in the segment tumbles following new levies in the wake of the 2015 Volkswagen emissions cheating scandal.

Wall Street rallies for 5th day

The firm’s chief financial officer said in October that the firm’s Changshu plant in China “has basically been closed for most of October in order to allow the inventory of both our vehicles and dealer inventory to start to reduce.”

Like fellow automakers, the company could see its three British car factories grind to a halt in fewer than 80 days if lawmakers next week reject a deal by Prime Minister Theresa May, leading to tariffs and customs checks after a no-deal outcome.

“Given the difficulties that they’re going through… to add further costs and further disruption from a no-deal Brexit, it’s clear why they’ve been so clear that this would be against their interests,” said business minister Greg Clark.

BMW-owned car brand Rolls-Royce is also taking steps to prepare for a no-deal Brexit but called on the government to prevent that outcome.

“We urge the government to avoid any hard Brexit,” Chief Executive Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes said.


Reporting by Costas Pitas; Editing by Guy Faulconbridge/Keith Weir/Alexander Smith

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New Land Rover Discovery Sport Spied Testing

The new Land Rover Discovery Sport will get a revised fascia and will get new dual touchscreens which are seen on all the new-age Land Rovers.

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Majority of the changes will be made to the face of the New Land Rover Discovery Sport.

A new set of spy shots of the new Land Rover Discovery Sport have surfaced online which shows the test mule wearing heavy camouflage. The new Land Rover Discovery Sport is likely to get a major update and will get some of the new equipment which we have seen in the new age Land Rovers. While the camouflage has hidden major design elements of the new model, we can still make out some of the changes made to its face.

9kpl2n38 The test mule of the new Land Rover Discover Sport rides on a new set of alloy wheels which are finished in matte black.

For starters, the bumpers seen on the test mule seems to be new and is larger than the one the current model has and has a different profile. For instance, the centre air-dam and side air-ducts are wider and taller. The grille on the test mule has been kept entirely under cover but from the dimensions of it looks sharper on the edges. Moreover, we even cannot make out any change made to the layout or motifs of the headlamp cluster, but they look sleeker than those seen on the current model. The side profile of the new Discovery Sport looks identical to the current model. However, the rear bumper and lower segment of the boot gate of the test mule have worn concealment panels which hint at a slightly tweaked design. Moreover, the design of the alloy wheels is different and they are finished in matte black.

Land Rover Discovery Sport
d5lc47hgThe changes made to the rear profile are hidden under concealment panels.

Expect the cabin of the new Land Rover Discovery Sport to get dual touchscreens like the one seen on all the recently launched Land Rovers. The new Land Rover reportedly is being developed on a revised version of the current platform in a bid to accommodate batteries for the plug-in hybrid drivetrains. While there will multiple engine options available in the global market including a 1.5-litre three-cylinder motor, Land Rover is likely to continue with the same engine in the Indian market until an entirely new model is launched in 2022. The engine which is on offer in the Indian market is a 2.0-litre, four-cylinder diesel motor which develops 148 bhp and 382 Nm of peak torque in the Pure and SE variants and 177 bhp and 430 Nm of peak torque in the top end HSE variant.


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Goa Congress Lawmaker’s Wife Charged For Encroaching Government Land

Cuncolim MLA Clafacia Dias said he will take up the matter through a judicial route.


Goa Congress lawmaker Clafacia Dias’s wife was on Friday charged for trespass and dishonest misappropriation of a government property, police said.

Seema Dias was charged after the state water resources department (WRD) accused her of encroaching its property in South Goa to set up a stone-crushing unit there, police said.

The issue was raised in the Goa assembly last year where Nationalist Congress Party MLA Churchill Alemao said Ms Dias’ company had encroached upon a property belonging to the department which was acquired as part of a dam project.

WRD has alleged that Ms Dias’ stone-crushing unit, which has been built very close to an irrigation canal, draws water illegal from there.

Mr Dias, the MLA from Cuncolim constituency in South Goa, told news agency PTI that he will take up the matter through a judicial route.

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Railway Employee runs Tejashwi Fans club and Threat of land grab

आशुतोष चंद्रा/पटनाः तेजस्वी फैन क्लब के नाम से जमीन हड़पे जाने का मामला सामने आया है. मामले का खुलासा तब हुआ जब तेजप्रताप यादव के जनता दरबार में एक शिक्षक अपनी पत्नी के साथ न्याय की गुहार लेकर पहुंचे. तेजप्रताप यादव ने मामले पर तेजस्वी से बात कर बदनाम करनेवाले नेताओं को पार्टी से बाहर निकालने की बात कही है. वहीं, यह भी खुलासा हुआ है कि धमकी देनेवाला शख्स अमरेंद्र यादव रेलकर्मी है, वह काफी लोगों को धमकी दी है और पैसे भी ऐंठ चुका है.

शनिवार को तेजप्रताप का जनता दरबार एकबार फिर सुर्खियों में रहा. भाई तेजस्वी यादव के नाम पर जमीन कब्जाने का मामला तेजप्रताप के सामने आया. दरअसल, रामेश्वर पासवान नाम के एक शिक्षक ने तेजप्रताप से शिकायत करते हुए कहा कि अमरेंद्र यादव नाम का एक आरजेडी नेता उनका जमीन हड़पना चाहता है.

उन्होंने बताया कि अमरेंद्र यादव तेजस्वी यादव फैंस क्लब चलता है और तेजस्वी यादव के नाम पर लोगों को धमकाता है. जमीन कब्जा करता है. शिक्षक रामेश्वर पासवान की पत्नी रीता कुमारी ने कहा कि 3 सालों से उन्हें परेशान किया जा रहा है. उनके जमीन पर कब्जा के लिए फायरिंग भी की गई और उनपर बुरी नज़र भी रखता है. 

तेजप्रताप ने दिया कार्रवाई का आश्वासन
तेजप्रताप ने पीड़िता की बात सुनकर आरोपी पर कर्रवाई का आश्वासन दिया है. तेजप्रताप यादव ने कहा कि पार्टी के कुछ लोग हमलोगों को बदनाम कर रहे हैं. ऐसे लोगों को पार्टी से बाहर किया जाएगा. इस मामले में तेजस्वी यादव से बात की जाएगी. जिसके बाद आरोपी पर शख्त कार्रवाई की जाएगी. अगर जरूरत पड़ी तो थाना भी ले जाया जाएगा.

आरोपी रेलवे में है चतुर्थ वर्गीय कर्मचारी
वहीं, यह भी खुलासा हुआ है कि आरोपी अमरेंद्र यादव मढ़ौरा रेल फैक्ट्री में चतुर्थ वर्गीय कर्मचारी के रूप में काम करता है. बताया जाता है कि जब लालू प्रसाद यादव जब रेलमंत्री थे उसे नौकरी मिली थी. वहीं, उनसे नौकरी करते हुए अपनी पत्नी गायत्री देवी के साथ एक तेजस्वी फैन्स एसोसिएशन एक फैन्स क्लब की शुरूआत की थी. जिसका पंजीकरण (221/13-14) बिहार सरकार द्वारा किया गया है. जो साल 2013-14 में कराई गई थी.

अमरेंद्र यादव इसी फैन्स कल्ब के बल पर लोगों को धमकी देता है. साथ ही खुद को लालू परिवार का रिश्तेदार बताकर लोगों से जमीन और पैसे हड़पने का काम करता है. हालांकि अब तेजप्रताप यादव ने इस मामले में गंभीरता दिखाते हुए कार्रवाई करने का आश्वासन दिया है. देखना यह है कि आरजेडी की ओर से आरोपी अमरेंद्र यादव के खिलाफ क्या कार्रवाई की जाती है.

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Realty Firm’s Assets Worth Rs 42 Crore Seized In Gurgaon Land Fraud Case

The Enforcement Directorate had filed a Prevention of Money Laundering case in the alleged land scam.

New Delhi: 

The Enforcement Directorate said it had seized assets worth over Rs 42 crore belonging to an NCR-based real estate firm, in connection with a money laundering case. In Haryana, land was acquired “illegally” with alleged connivance of senior government functionaries and bureaucrats.

Several farmers and land owners alleged that were cheated of Rs 1,500 crore. Former Haryana chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda is one of the accused in the case.

The probe agency said immovable properties of ABW Infrastructure Limited (ABWIL), Gurgaon and its group companies were provisionally seized as part of the latest order under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA).

The company could not be reached for comments.

“It was alleged that farmers and land owners of villages in Manesar, Naurangpur and Lakhnaula (also known as Nakhrola) had ancestral land of about 688 acres. They were forced to sell 400 acres at throwaway prices, under the threat of acquisition by the government between August 27, 2004 and August 24, 2007,” the Enforcement Directorate (ED) said.

The agency had filed a Prevention of Money Laundering case in the alleged land scam deal in September, 2016 on the basis of a CBI complaint. The ED had also carried out raids in this case last year.

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Flashback 2018: Migration, A large population forced to separate from their land around the world

नई दिल्ली:

साल 2018 में पलायन (Migration) दुनिया के अलग-अलग हिस्सों में बड़ी समस्या बना रहा. कहीं युद्ध की विभीषिका ने लोगों को घर-बार छोड़कर भागने पर मजबूर किया तो कहीं प्राकृतिक विभीषिकाओं ने लोगों से उनका घर-द्वार छीन लिया. कहीं राजनीतिक कारणों से लोगों को नया आसरा तलाशना पड़ा तो कहीं विकास के नाम पर लोगों को अपनी पैतृक भूमि से जुदा होना पड़ा. यह समस्याएं दुनिया के कई देशों में अलग-अलग रूपों में सामने आईं.

पलायन की चपेट में म्यांमार, बाग्लादेश, अमेरिका, भारत सहित यूरोप के कई देश रहे. एक देश से दूसरे देश में जाकर बसे लोग शरणार्थी बन गए. कई देशों में लोग अवैध रूप से सीमाओं को पार करके शरणार्थी बने. इसके चलते कई देशों के बीच तनाव के हालात भी बने.

रोहिंग्या मुसलमानों को म्यांमार से खदेड़ा गया

इस साल सबसे अधिक चर्चा म्यांमार से पलायन करने वाले रोहिंग्या मुसलमानों की हुई. म्यांमार के रखाइन प्रांत से लाखों मुसलमानों को सैनिक कार्रवाई के कारण देश छोड़ने को मजबूर होना पड़ा. इस घटना को लेकर आंग सांग सू की दुनिया भर में निंदा हुई. रोहिंग्या मुसलमानों को देश से खदेड़ने वाले म्यांमार का दावा था कि वह अपने क्षेत्र में शांति की पहल के चलते इन्हें अपने देश में नहीं रहने दे सकता. म्यांमार की सेना की कठोर कार्रवाई से भयभीत होकर करीब सात लाख रोहिंग्या मुसलमानों ने सीमा पार कर पड़ोसी देश भारत और बांग्लादेश में शरण ली. म्यांमार से करीब 60,000 रोहिंग्या भारत आए और अब विभिन्न राज्यों में रह रहे हैं. इन्होंने समुद्र के रास्ते से, बांग्लादेश और म्यांमार की सीमा से लगे चिन इलाके से होकर भारत में घुसपैठ की. जम्मू और कश्मीर के हिन्दू बहुल क्षेत्र जम्मू में 10 हजार से अधिक रोहिंग्या मुस्लिमों ने शरण ले रखी है. बांग्लादेश और म्यांमार की सीमा पर सबसे बड़ी तादाद में रोहिंग्या मुस्लिमों के शरणार्थी शिविर हैं. यहां करीब 3,50,000 शरणार्थी रह रहे हैं.

यह भी पढ़ें : रोहिंग्या मुसलमानों के बच्चे नारकीय जीवन बिताने को हैं मजबूर: यूनिसेफ

आतंकवाद ने देश छोड़ने को मजबूर किया

इस्लामिक स्टेट के आतंक के चलते सीरिया और इराक से शिया, ईसाई और अन्य समुदायों के लोगों को यूरोप के कई देशों में शरण लेनी पड़ी. सिर्फ सीरिया में ही 65 लाख से ज्यादा लोग विस्थापित हुए. करीब इतनी ही जनसंख्या ने इराक से पलायन किया. तुर्की में सबसे अधिक शरणार्थियों ने शरण ली. तुर्की में करीब 35 लाख पंजीकृत शरणार्थी हैं. इनमें बड़ी संख्या सीरियाई लोगों की है. जर्मनी, फ्रांस और ब्रिटेन में भी शरणार्थी पहुंचे. यूरोप के इन देशों में लाखों की संख्या में इराक और सीरिया के शरणार्थी रह रहे हैं.

यह भी पढ़ें : आईएस के आतंक के चलते मोसुल से एक हफ्ते में हुआ 15,000 बच्चों का पलायन: यूनिसेफ

अमेरिकी की वीजा नीति ने भविष्य अंधकारमय किया

उधर अमेरिका में भारतीय-अमेरिकियों के एच-1 वीजा से संबंधित समस्या ने भी खासी परेशानियां पैदा कीं. इसके चलते अमेरिका में भी पलयन का स्थितियां बनीं. अमेरिका और मैक्सिको की सीमा पर जमे हजारों शरणार्थियों के हालात और अमेरिकी राष्ट्रपति ट्रंप की ऊल-जलूल टिप्पणियां चर्चा में रहीं.

पाकिस्तान में जुल्मों के शिकार हुए सिख  

पाकिस्तान में सिख समुदाय को पलायन के लिए मजबूर होना पड़ा. पेशावर शहर में अल्पसंख्यक सिख समुदाय के लोग इस्लामिक चरमपंथियों से परेशान होकर पलायन करने को मजबूर हुए. लगातार हो रहे आतंकी हमलों के कारण उन्हें पाकिस्तान के अन्य इलाकों में शरण लेनी पड़ी. पेशावर में रहने वाले करीब 30 हजार सिखों में से 60 फीसदी ने शहर छोड़ दिया. इनमें से कई पाकिस्तान के अन्य शहरों में गए तो कई भारत आ गए.

यह भी पढ़ें : उत्तर भारतीयों का पलायन रोकने और सुरक्षा का विश्वास दिलाने के लिए गुजरात पुलिस ने अपनाया ‘पानी-पूरी’ प्लान

गुजरात में भड़की नफरत की आग से पलायन

भारत में भी लोगों का एक हिस्से से दूसरे हिस्से में पलायन होता रहा. रोजगार के लिए पलायन तो भारत में हमेशा होता है लेकिन इस साल कुछ घटनाओं ने सामाजिक वैमनस्य पैदा किया जिससे लोगों को भागने पर मजबूर होना पड़ा. सबसे बड़ी घटना गुजरात में हुई जहां एक बच्ची की बलात्कार के बाद हत्या कर दी गई. गुजरात के साबरकांठा जिले में 14 माह की बच्ची से बलात्कार की घटना के बाद गैर गुजरातियों पर हमलों का सिलसिला शुरू हो गया. इस घटना से गुजरात में यूपी और बिहार के लोगों के खिलाफ नफरत का मौहाल बन गया. उत्तर भारतीय लोगों पर हमले शुरू हो गए और इससे उन्हें गुजरात छोड़ने पर मजबूर होना पड़ा. अहमदाबाद में करीब 47 उत्तर भारतीयों को बंधक बना लिया गया. गुजरात से करीब 20,000 उत्तर भारतीयों ने पलायन किया.

VIDEO : प्रवासियों को लेकर राजनीति

यूपी के कौशांबी में साम्प्रदायिक द्वेष के हालात बनने से पलायन की घटनाएं हुईं. कैराना, संभल और मुजफ्फरनगर के अलावा कौशांबी से भी पलायन हुआ. यहां वर्ग विशेष की महिलाओं ने पुलिस पर उनके उत्‍पीड़न का आरोप लगाया और बड़ी संख्‍या में महिलाएं गांव छोड़कर चली गईं.

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