Cyber Expert Claims Gopinath Munde Was ‘Killed, Knew Of 2014 EVM Hacking’

BJP leader Gopinath Munde had died in a road accident in New Delhi in 2014. (File Photo)


Nationalist Congress Party or NCP leader Dhananjay Munde has demanded a probe either by the R&AW or a Supreme Court judge into the death of his uncle and former union minister Gopinath Munde after a cyber expert claimed that the BJP leader was “killed” as he was aware of hacking of electronic voting machines (EVMs) in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls.

Dhananjay Munde, who is the Leader of the Opposition in the Maharashtra Legislative Council, also termed as “shocking” the claims made by the self-proclaimed US-based Indian cyber expert.

He said those who loved Gopinath Munde had always raised questions over his death wondering “if it actually was an accident or a sabotage”.

Gopinath Munde died in a road accident in New Delhi in 2014.

“A cyber expert has made a sensational claim that former Union Minister Late Gopinathrao Munde saheb was murdered. This claim needs immediate attention and investigation from RAW/Supreme Court, as it is directly linked to the death of mass leader. #EVMHacking,” Dhananjay Munde tweeted.

“Everybody who followed Munde saheb’s leadership and loved him had raised questions about his death. After today”s revelation, the doubt has been addressed. If the claim of #EVMHacking is true, then it also violate the norms of the biggest democracy of the world(sic),” the NCP leader alleged.

In another tweet in Marathi, Dhananjay Munde said, “Each of those who loved Munde Saheb had doubted that he died in the accident, but it was a sabotage.”

“Hence, the startling claims made by cyber expert Syed Suja in a live press conference backs the suspicion,” he claimed.

The cyber expert, identified as Syed Shuja who is seeking political asylum in the US, claimed on Monday that the 2014 elections were “rigged” through the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), which, he claims, can be hacked.

The Election Commission of India has denied the charge.

Addressing a press conference in London via Skype, Syed Shuja said he fled India in 2014 because he felt threatened in the country after the killing of some of his team members.

The cyber expert also claimed that BJP leader Gopinath Munde was “killed because he was aware of EVM hacking in the 2014 elections.”

He however, provided no proof to back up his allegations.

Syed Shuja also claimed that NIA officer Tanzil Ahmed, who was investigating Munde’s death, was planning to file an FIR noting that the BJP leader had been murdered, but was himself killed.

The Central Bureau of Investigation or CBI in October 2014 ruled out any foul play in the death of Gopinath Munde, claiming that the politician had died due to injuries sustained in a road accident.

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Election Commission Rubbishes London Hacker’s Claims On EVMs

New Delhi: 

The Election Commission today dismissed the claims made by a London-based hacker, who said he can hack the electronic voting machines used in India. The controversial, unsubstantiated claims of the hacker – made during a so-called hackathon this evening – comes amid a renewed focus on EVMs by the united opposition, which has formed a committee to spearhead the campaign for their removal and a return to ballot papers.

Dr Rajat Moona, the top technical expert with the Election Commission, told NDTV that EVMs are “stand-alone machines which have absolutely no capability of transmitting or receiving any data through any wireless communication of any sort”. This is why they are “tamper proof”, said Dr Moona, who is the director of the Indian Institute of Technology, Bhillai, and a member of a “technical expert committee” of the Election Commission on EVMs.

In a statement later, the Election Commission called it a “motivated slugfest” and said they would explore “what legal action can and should be taken in the matter”. The Commission said it “firmly stands by the empirical facts about foolproof nature of ECI EVMs deployed in elections in India”.

The hacker, who identified himself as Syed Shuja, said Indian EVMs are “standalone devices”, which cannot be hacked remotely. They contain old chips manufactured when there was no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology. So while it was not possible to hack individual machines, with their algorithm, it was possible to tweak the machines, he claimed.


The controversial, unsubstantiated claims of the hacker comes amid a renewed focus on EVMs by the united opposition

“All you needed was a machine which could transmit at very low frequencies… we acquired a graphite-based transmitter,” he added.

The unsubstantiated claims of the hacker are expected to turn up the opposition pitch for the removal of EVMs. Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal was present at the event where the hacker made his claims. At the programme, which was broadcast live on Facebook, the hacker also made a number of unsubstantiated political claims.

In a series of tweets, Union minister Arun Jaitley, who is in the US for a routine medical check-up,  ripped into the Congress.



The BJP’s Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said, “The Congress has a lot of freelancers, who sometimes reach even Pakistan to take help for removing Modi -ji. They are making a hacking horror show of their possible defeat in the upcoming elections”.

While the Congress has been silent on the issue, Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee tweeted as the event was in progress.

“Our great democracy must be protected. Every vote of yours is precious. All Oppn parties discussed the #EVM issue after the #UnitedIndiaAtBrigade rally. We are working closely together and decided on Jan 19 itself to consistently take up the matter with EC. Yes, every vote counts,” her tweet read.

Ms Banerjee had hosted the huge, 23-party opposition rally in Kolkata on Saturday. After the rally, a four-party committee has been tasked with formulating a strategy to take the opposition campaign forward.

Part of its agenda is electoral reforms, which would include pushing for the minimum use of electronic voting machines and advocate the use of VVPATs or voter-verified paper audit trail machines on at least 50 per cent of the EVMs used.

The group of four will have a leader each from the Samajwadi Party, the Bahujan Samaj Party, the Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party.

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Telangana Rashtra Samithi To Be A Decisive Force At Centre, Claims KT Rama Rao

KT Rama Rao said the UPA was not a position get more than 100-110 Lok Sabha seats.


Expressing confidence that the TRS would be a decisive force at the Centre, its working president KT Rama Rao on Friday claimed that neither the BJP nor the Congress were in a position to get a comfortable number of seats in the coming Lok Sabha elections.

Addressing a party gathering, he said the UPA was not a position get more than 100-110 Lok Sabha seats and the ruling NDA would also not get more 150-160 seats.

“That means, even if the Congress and the BJP come together, they cannot reach the magic number of 273,” he said.

He said the Congress, on its own or as the UPA, was not in a position to win more than 100 or 110 seats and the BJP had nothing on the ground, it was the ‘Build up Jateeya (national) Party’.

“The NDA and the UPA both are not in a good situation. The way political developments are taking place… the day is not far when the TRS would be a decisive force, an important force, in Delhi,” he said.

Noting that the BJP lacked support on the ground, he said the party had suffered a massive defeat in the recent Telangana Assembly polls, though a host of BJP leaders, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi and party president Amit Shah, had campaigned in the state.

“The situation is no different nationwide. Modiji’s build up is good outside… There is nothing on the ground. KCR (K Chandrashekar Rao) has been saying, the Congress and the BJP have done grave injustice to the country,” Mr Rama Rao alleged.

TRS president and Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has been advocating for the formation of a non-Congress, non-BJP federal front to realise the spirit of federalism and to bring about a qualitative change in politics, he said.

Mr Rama Rao said he met YSR Congress chief YS Jaganmohan Reddy as part of efforts to build the federal front because joint effort by the MPs from both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh could increase their say in getting their due from the Centre.

He alleged that since after the meeting, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu has been attacking the TRS, though it is making efforts for a qualitative change in politics and end Centre’s control on the states, he alleged.

Mr Naidu is trying to confuse the people of Andhra Pradesh by showing the BJP as an object of fear to hide his own failures, despite the TDP having been a part of the NDA government, he claimed.

Rama Rao, the son of Chandrasekhar Rao, was speaking at an event where Congress leader Vanteru Pratap Reddy, who contested against the TRS president in Gajwel Assembly segment in the recent polls, joined the TRS.

Mr Pratap Reddy joining the TRS could be a setback for the Congress in Gajwel.

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CBI Cases Against 2 More Bihar Shelter Homes Amid Claims Of Abuse

CBI has filed cases against two shelter homes in Munger. (File)

New Delhi: 

The CBI has registered two more cases related to alleged abuse of inmates in shelter homes in Bihar, officials said Thursday.

The two cases pertain to shelter homes in Munger district, they said.

It is alleged that the directors of one of the shelter homes used to lock the room of a mentally-sick woman inmate. He also ill-treated other inmates.

It also sublet a portion of the shelter home for a rent of Rs 10,000 and did not provide proper ventilation or sanitation facilities for the inmates, the first information report alleged.

In the case of the other shelter home, it is alleged that office-bearers of the home “physically exploited” the inmates forcing them to do manual work including cooking and cleaning, the FIR stated.

It said the shelter home was being run from a building meant for an observation home and was not “livable” for young children.

The agency has been tasked by the Supreme Court to probe abuse of inmates in 17 shelter homes of the state, which were red-flagged in an inspection report by the Mumbai-based Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS).

The new interim chief of the probe agency, M Nageswara Rao, handed over all the 17 cases to the Patna zone deputing Joint Director Bhanu Bhaskar to oversee the probe.

The TISS inspection report also mentions that the Superintendent of one of one of the shelter homes beat an inmate which resulted in severe injury causing scar on the cheek of the boy. The allegation is now included in the CBI FIR.

The first case from the TISS report which attracted attention was sexual abuse of minor girls at a Muzzafarpur-based shelter home run by Brajesh Thakur.

The details of sexual torture inflicted on minor inmates of the shelter home surfaced when the CBI took over investigation on the orders of the Supreme Court last year.

The top court later directed the agency to probe all the 17 shelter homes mentioned in the TISS report.

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NCP Leader Claims Aide’s WhatsApp Disabled, Calls It First Step Of Emergency

Dhananjay Munde’s PRO used WhatsApp to circulate news and updates about his meetings and statements.


Dhananjay Munde, the Leader of Opposition in the Maharashtra Legislative Council, on Wednesday claimed that his public relation officer’s WhatsApp was discontinued suddenly.

Prashant Joshi, the PRO of Mr Munde, used his WhatsApp to circulate news and updates about his political meetings and his statements, the Nationalist Congress Party leader said.

“This is unheard of. This is the first step of emergency in India where an opposition leader’s PRO’s phone is banned,” Mr Munde said.

Mr Joshi said his WhatsApp service stopped functioning suddenly on Wednesday afternoon. He said that when he tried to reinstall the app, a message said that his phone number has been banned from using WhatsApp, saying the account’s activity was in violation of the app’s terms of service.

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JDS Lawmaker KM Shivalinge Gowda Claims BJP Offered Rs 60 Crore, Ministerial Post To One JDS Person

JD(S) lawmaker KM Shivalinge Gowda alleged the BJP offered Rs. 60 crore to “one person”.


With the political turbulence at an all-time high in Karnataka and the ruling JD(S)-Congress coalition and the BJP accusing each other of trying to poach their lawmakers, a leader from HD Kumaraswamy’s party claimed that the BJP allegedly offered Rs. 60 crore and the post of a minister post to a “one person from the JD(S)” who reportedly turned down the offer.

While addressing a press-conference in Hassan on Tuesday, KM Shivalinge Gowda said: “One person from the JD(S) has been offered Rs. 60 crore and a minister’s post by former chief minister and BJP leader Jagadish Shettar. He refused the offer and informed Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy”.

The war of words continued on Wednesday as the two sides went into an overdrive to keep their flock together. 100-odd BJP lawmakers are still kept at a luxury resort in Gurgaon near Delhi. Former chief minister and Karnataka BJP chief BS Yeddyurappa is likely to hold a meeting with the lawmakers at the Gurgaon resort and discuss the situation. Sources said the BJP lawmakers will stay put in Gurgaon till the party top leaders give the green signal to return home.

The Congress has called a meeting of its legislators on Friday to take stock of the situation.

The meeting assumes significance following attempts by the Congress to reach out to its disgruntled lawmakers. The party had said on Monday that five of its lawmakers appeared to be out of contact with their party. Mr Kumaraswamy then claimed they were in a Mumbai hotel and in touch with him. Two of the “missing” lawmakers are back.

(With inputs from ANI and PTI)

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Redmi Note 7 Aimed to Sell 1 Million Units in January, Claims Xiaomi

Redmi Note 7 Aimed to Sell 1 Million Units in January, Claims Xiaomi

Redmi Note 7 was introduced in China last week

Redmi is targeting to sell 1 million units of its brand-new Redmi Note 7 smartphone in the first month of availability, a company executive revealed on Weibo. Wang Teng Thomas, who is a product director at Xiaomi, replied to a customer’s query on whether there will be sufficient units of the Redmi Note 7 during the first flash sale by saying that there should be one million units of the phone available during January and it wouldn’t be hard for the company to sell them. The Redmi Note 7 went on sale in China for the first time on Tuesday and was quickly sold it. It is unclear how many units Redmi had put on sale. 

Although 1 million is not a massive number, the Redmi Note 7 is not a flagship smartphone and with the smartphone sales slowing down in the Chinese market, selling 1 million units of a budget phone in a month is no longer a cakewalk even though the company has achieved the same easily in the past. As we mentioned earlier, Redmi is hoping to sell 1 million units of the Redmi Note 7 in January.

In a separate post, Wang Teng also revealed that after establishing the Redmi brand, Xiaomi will be using Mi brand to focus on high-end devices and the consumers shouldn’t expect to see deals on Mi flagship phones much longer. He was responding to a Xiaomi consumer, who wrote that Redmi Note 7 and Mi 8 are currently the company’s best value-for-money phones as Xiaomi is running a promotion for Mi 8, which brings down the price of Mi 8 base model to just CNY 2,099 (roughly Rs. 22,000). The phone was originally launched with a starting price-tag of CNY 2,699 (roughly Rs. 27,500) in May last year.

Coming back to the Redmi Note 7, the smartphone was unveiled last week and carries a starting price-tag of CNY 999 (roughly Rs. 10,200). The phone features a 6.3-inch full-HD+ (1080×2340 pixels) display and is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 SoC. Redmi Note 7 also packs up to 6GB of RAM and 32GB or 64GB of inbuilt storage.

Redmi Note 7 vs Realme U1 vs Asus ZenFone Max Pro M2

Additionally, the smartphone comes with a dual-camera setup on the back with a 48-megapixel primary sensor and a 5-megapixel secondary sensor. There is a 13-megapixel front shooter as well. The Redmi Note 7 also includes a 4,000mAh battery as well as the usual connectivity options like WiFi a/b/g/n/ac and Bluetooth v5.0. The Redmi Note 7 also comes with watertight seals on various ports and buttons. 

As we mentioned earlier, Redmi held the first flash sale for the phone on Tuesday in China and it lasted just 8 minutes and 36 seconds. It is unclear how many units of the phone were put on sale.

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Newly Discovered Super-Earth Exoplanet May Harbour Alien Life, Study Claims

 The recently discovered cold super-Earth exoplanet orbiting around the red dwarf Barnard — the second closest star system to Earth — has the potential to harbour primitive life, says a study.

Barnard b (or GJ 699 b) is a super-Earth with a minimum of 3.2 Earth masses. It orbits its red star every 233 days near the snow-line, a distance where water freezes. 

Although likely cold (-170 degrees centigrade), it could still have the potential to harbour primitive life if it has a large, hot iron or nickel core and enhanced geothermal activity, said researchers from the Villanova University in the US. 

“Geothermal heating could support ‘life zones’ under its surface, akin to subsurface lakes found in Antarctica,” said Edward Guinan, Astrophysicist at the varsity. 

“We note that the surface temperature on Jupiter’s icy moon Europa is similar to Barnard b but because of tidal heating, Europa probably has liquid oceans under its icy surface,” Guinan added.

The results were announced at the 233rd meeting of the American Astronomy Society (AAS) in Seattle.

Although very faint, it may be possible for Barnard b to be imaged by future very large telescopes, according to Guinan. 

“Such observations will shed light on the nature of the planet’s atmosphere, surface, and potential habitability,” he said.

The most significant aspect of the discovery of Barnard’s star b is that the two nearest star systems to the Sun are now known to host planets.

“This supports previous studies based on Kepler Mission data, inferring that planets can be very common throughout the galaxy, even numbering in the tens of billions,” said co-author Scott Engle from the varsity.

“Also, Barnard’s Star is about twice as old as the Sun – about nine billion years old compared to 4.6 billion years for the Sun. The universe has been producing Earth-size planets far longer than we, or even the Sun itself, have existed.”

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Arvind Kejriwal Claims BJP Scheming To Abolish Elections If It Wins In Lok Sabha Polls

AAP said it will win all seven Lok Sabha seats in upcoming general elections. (File)

New Delhi: 

The AAP has asserted it will end the “dictatorship” of Modi-Shah combine by grabbing all seven Lok Sabha seats in Delhi in the upcoming General Assembly polls, as party chief Arvind Kejriwal alleged the BJP was “scheming” to abolish elections if it wins.

In response, the BJP said a person, let alone a chief minister, cannot make such statements if he has the “slightest” knowledge of the Constitution.

Addressing party volunteers from north east Delhi Lok Sabha constituency on Sunday, Mr Kejriwal had said BJP’s rule was similar to what Hitler had done when he came to power.

BJP president Amit Shah had recently said in a rally that if BJP wins in 2019, they will stay in power for another 50 years, Mr Kejriwal said.

“This is part of BJP’s scheme. Just like Hitler had done in Germany, the BJP is also planning to amend the constitution and eventually abolish the practice of elections altogether! If Modi comes to power again, BJP will change the constitution and end democracy and elections altogether,” Mr Kejriwal was quoted as saying in a party statement.

Delhi Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) convener Gopal Rai and party’s in-charge for north east Delhi seat Dilip Pandey exhorted the party workers to go door to door to defeat the “Hitler-like regime” of the BJP.

“We need to double our efforts to save the nation from the dictatorial attitude of the Modi-Shah duo. Surveys across Delhi reveal that Delhi wants all seven MP”s from the Aam Aadmi Party,” Mr Pandey said.

Delhi BJP president Manoj Tiwari slammed the AAP, saying it will be “punished harshly” in the Lok Sabha polls for “cheating” people of Delhi.

“Despite massive mandate in 2015, the AAP cheated people by not implementing Ayushman Bharat scheme, and failed them in matters of health, education and water supply,” he said.

Slamming Mr Kejriwal for his allegations, Mr Tiwari said, “Anyone with even a little knowledge of the Constitution, let alone a chief minister, cannot talk like that.”

The BJP had bagged Delhi’s all seven Lok Sabha seats in 2014 which it will try to regain in an expected keen contest against the AAP and the Congress.


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Former Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif have facing health issue in Jail claims daughter Mariyam – जेल में बंद नवाज शरीफ की तबियत बिगड़ी, बेटी ने किया दावा

नई दिल्ली:

पाकिस्तान की एक जेल में बंद पूर्व प्रधानमंत्री नवाज शरीफ की तबियत बिगड़ गई है. यह दावा उनकी बेटी ने किया और आरोप लगाया कि जेल प्रशासन उनके दिल का इलाज कर रहे डॉक्टरों को जांच नहीं करने दे रहा है. शरीफ की बेटी मरियम नवाज ने कहा कि लाहौर की कोट लखपत जेल में अल अजीजिया स्टील मिल भ्रष्टाचार मामले में सात साल की सजा काट रहे शरीफ के बांह में दर्द है. जोकि संभवत: एंजाइना (हृदयरोग के चलते दिल और अन्य अंगों में दर्द) है. हालांकि जेल के एक प्रवक्ता ने कहा कि जेल के चिकित्सकों ने शरीफ की जांच की है और उनका स्वास्थ्य ठीक है. मरियम ने ट्वीट किया, ‘‘शरीफ के हृदय रोग विशेषज्ञ पूरे दिन उन तक पहुंचने का प्रयास करते रहे लेकिन अनुमति नहीं दी गई. उनकी उन चिकित्सकों से जांच की जरूरत है जिन्हें उनके जटिल इलाज के इतिहास की जानकारी हो.”    

नवाज शरीफ को जेल में टीवी, हीटर और कुर्सी मिलने के बाद मांगा गया Helper, मिला ये जवाब

बता दें कि दिसंबर महीने में नवाज शरीफ को  रावलपिंडी की एक जेल से लाहौर की कोट लखपत जेल स्थानांतरित कर दिया गया था. कोट लखपत जेल में उनके लिए एक बी-वर्ग का कक्ष तैयार किया गया था, जिसमें टीवी सेट, बेड, कंबल, हीटर, एक कुर्सी और टेबल वगैरह इंतजाम की बात कही गई थी. साथ ही उन्हें एक सहायक भी मुहैया कराने की बात भी कही गई थी इसके अलावा घर से बने खाने को भी लाने की इजाजत दी गई थी. बीते गुरुवार को मरियम अपने पिचा से मिलने के लिए जेल पहुंची थी. जहां से निकलने के बाद मरियम ने बताया था कि उनके पिता की तबियत बिगड़ी हुई मालूम पड़ रही है. 

नवाज शरीफ के सुरक्षा गार्ड ने की टीवी चैनल के कैमरामैन की पिटाई, देखें VIDEO


वहीं नवाज शरीफ के छोटे भाई शाहबाज ने पाकिस्तान सरकार को आगाह किया है कि अगर उनके भाई को कुछ हुआ तो इसके जिम्मेदार प्रधानमंत्री इमरान खान होंगे. उन्होंने अपील की जेल अधिकारी शरीफ के कार्डियोलॉजिस्ट को उन तक जाने की तुरंत इजाजत दें ताकि वह शरीफ को बेहतर स्वास्थ्य सुविधाएं उपलब्ध करा सकें.   

Video: नवाज शरीफ के बेटी और दामाद की सजा पर रोक

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