Xiaomi Poco F1 Seen to Pass Scratch Test, But Fail Pass Burn, Bend Tests

Xiaomi Poco F1 Seen to Pass Scratch Test, But Fail Pass Burn, Bend Tests

Photo Credit: YouTube/ JerryRigEverything

The plastic build of the Xiaomi Poco F1 was failed to pass the bend test

Poco F1, the new smartphone from Xiaomi that already gained huge popularity in India, has now undergone some durability tests. These come in the form of scratch, burn, and bend tests to ultimately check how the new smartphone performs in terms of toughness. The latest development comes days after Xiaomi officially confirmed the splash resistance of the Poco F1. The Chinese company also highlighted that the smartphone has Quick Charge 4.0 support, though it was initially announced with Quick Charge 3.0.

None other than YouTuber JerryRigEverything has released a video showing the durability of the Poco F1. Once unboxed, the YouTuber begins the Poco F1 durability test by start scratching the display panel that comes with a 2.5D curved Gorilla Glass 3 on top. The display is found to withstand scratches of up to 6 on Mohs’ scale of hardness. However, some deeper grooves were found at a level of 7. “It’s covered in Gorilla Glass, and you won’t have to worry about keys or coins or razor blades scratching the large 6.2-inch display,” the narrator describes in the video.

After scratch testing the display panel, the YouTuber took the sides of the Poco F1 to check the paint job. The shiny paint wasn’t able to resist the attacks of the sharp razor.


The fingerprint sensor that sits at the back of the Poco F1 is found to be “invincible” that resists scratches even from a sharp blade. Similar is the case of the protector covering dual rear camera setup that helps bear scratches. However, the back panel of the smartphone is highly prone to scratches. The plastic back, nevertheless, doesn’t shatter in case of any sudden drops, unlike models such as OnePlus 6 that carry a glass back.

Xiaomi Poco F1 Review

Further, the YouTuber took a burn test under which the screen of the Poco F1 wasn’t able to withstand an open flame even for few seconds. The phone also failed to pass the bend test. But notably, the body requires a huge force to change its shape.


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Tomato Juice For Weight Loss: How Does The Tangy Beverage Help Burn Belly Fat

Ever imagined what would our curries and stew be without tomatoes? Where would they get their distinct tang and texture? What would happen to our salads and raitas? A native to Mexico or Peru, tomatoes are one western import that has found its firm place in our hearts and kitchens. There are not many fruits and vegetables that enjoy such popularity in this country. Our nation witnesses a meltdown of sorts each time the prices of tomatoes surge. Besides adding flavour to our curries, tomatoes are packed with healthful nutrients and minerals too. They are rich in beta-carotene and lycopene that help boost eyesight. They are also loaded with vitamin C, which is known to boost immunity and skin health. Lycopene has been found to reduce risk of prostate, regulate cholesterol levels, protect eyes and skin, and boost immunity. Tomatoes are also abundantly loaded in potassium, which not only helps prevent water retention but also keep your blood pressure levels in check. Additionally, tomatoes also serve as great weight loss food, and one of the best ways to consume tomatoes for weight loss is by juicing it.

Weight Loss: Why Tomato Juice Helps Melt Belly Fat 

1. Low In Calories And Filling: Tomato juice is very low on calories. Did you know that 100 grams of tomatoes have just 17 calories? Tomatoes also have high water content. About 94 percent of tomato is just water. Therefore, tomato juice makes for a very filling beverage for those on a weight loss diet.

2. Fastens Metabolism: Tomatoes are loaded with antioxidant lycopene, which has been found to reduce risk of prostate, regulate cholesterol levels, protect eyes and skin, and boost immunity. Studies have also shown that lycopene can rev up metabolism naturally. Faster metabolism leads to speedy weight loss. 

3. Fibre-Rich: Tomatoes are rich in fibre. Fibre induces sense of satiety, which helps prevent regular binging spells. Fibre also promotes healthier digestion, which is essential for weight loss. Although, it must be understood that juicing tomatoes may cost you a good dose of fibre. If you are consuming tomatoes just for fibre, it is better to have them raw. 

(Also Read: Tomato Juice Benefits: From Improving Digestion To Boosting Eye Health And More!)

4. Fat Burning Amino Acids: According to experts, tomatoes encourage the production of the amino acid called Carnitine, which is reported to enhance the body’s fat burning ability to a great extent. 

How To Make Tomato Juice For Weight Loss: 

Do not go for packaged tomato juice that you find in markets. They are often loaded with hidden sugars. You can make tomato juice at home in under five minutes. Here’s how:

1. Wash 900 grams of tomatoes and chop them in quarters. Make sure you deseed them.
2. Fill a large, non-reactive pot with the chopped tomatoes.
3. With the help of wooden spatula, press the tomatoes against the base of the pot, press as much juice as you can. 
4. Make sure you have enough liquid pressed out of the tomatoes.
5. If the mixture seems too dry to boil, add a few cups of water, until you have enough liquid in the pot to boil.
6. Put the pot to boil, stir the contents from time to time.
7. Add a pinch of salt or seasonings, if you like.
8. Remove the pot from the stove. Let it cool.
9. Place a sieve or wire mesh strainer over a large glass bowl and collect the juice in a glass bowl.

Make sure you add tomato juice to your diet for healthy weight loss. Drink this juice daily to see the best results. 

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Woman Suffers Burn Injury, Family Claims Negligence By Ghaziabad Hospital

A woman sustained burn injuries on her breasts due to alleged negligence of doctors (Representational)


A woman sustained burn injuries on her breasts due to alleged negligence of doctors after she was admitted to a private hospital in Ghaziabad’s Indirapuram, police said on Thursday.

Around 13 days after the woman was discharged from the hospital, her husband lodged a complaint, they said.

The woman was admitted to the hospital for delivery on August 15 and she gave birth to a child on August 17, Ghaziabad Senior Superintendent of Police Vaibhav Krishna said.

After delivery, a hot water bottle was kept on her breasts to keep her warm, he said, adding as she was under anaesthesia she could not sense the burning sensation initially and she felt it only after two hours.

The woman had suffered burn injury due to the hot water bottle, he said.

Her family alleged that due to burn wounds she could not breast feed her child, the SSP said.

Probes into the matter have been initiated by police and chief medical officer, he said.

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Tenant’s 2-Year-Old Suffers Burn Injury In Altercation With Landlord, Dies

Two persons had been arrested in connection with the incident, says police. (Representational)


A two-year old girl, who had suffered extensive burn injuries after being allegedly pushed into a pot of boiling rice four days ago during an altercation died today at the SSKM Hospital in Kolkata.

A spokesman of the hospital said the girl had suffered over 75 per cent burns and was in a critical condition.

The girl was allegedly pushed into the pot of boiling rice pot during an altercation between the families of a landlord and their tenant on August 14, an officer of Ultadanga police station had said.

The child belonged to the family of the tenant, the officer had said.

Two persons had been arrested in connection with the incident after the child’s family lodged a police complaint.

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Breakfast Before Workout May Burn More Carbs and Boost Metabolism: Says Study

In a recent study published in the American Journal of Physiology: Endocrinology and Metabolism, it was found that eating breakfastbefore exercise and workout could possibly burn more carbohydrates during exercise and may also boost the body’s metabolism post-workout. The study was conducted on 12 men by a group of researchers. The participants completed three trials; eating breakfast two hours before exercise, eating breakfast followed by three hours of rest, and overnight-fasted exercise. The blood glucose levels and muscle glycogen levels test of participants was later conducted. 

As per the findings of the study, eating breakfast increased the rate at which the male volunteers’ bodies were burning carbs during exercise. Other than this, it also accelerated the rate at which the body metabolised food eaten post-workout. According to the researchers, apart from the breakfast consumed before exercise, the carbohydrate stored in their muscles as glycogen also contributed in increased carbohydrate burning during workout.

As per the researchers, the findings of the study suggest that eating breakfast prior to workout could be essential for our body and the nutrition from the meals consumed after workout could be better stored. However, in order to stay fit, it is imperative to have a proper workout regime along with a balanced diet.

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UP : Trying to burn Dalit youth in Mathura

मथुरा में दलित युवक पर मिट्टी का तेल छिड़ककर आग लगाई

प्रतीकात्मक फोटो.

मथुरा: उत्तर प्रदेश के मथुरा जिले में दो लोगों ने परदेसी नाम के एक दलित युवक को कथित रूप से आग के हवाले कर दिया. लोगों ने आग बुझाई और उसे अस्पताल पहुंचाया.

पुलिस उपाधीक्षक विनय सिंह चौहान ने बताया कि दोनों आरोपियों ने गुरुवार को रात में सतोहा गांव में पहले परदेसी पर कथित रूप से हमला किया और फिर उस पर मिट्टी का तेल छिड़ककर आग के हवाले कर दिया. चौहान ने बताया कि लोगों ने आग बुझाकर पीड़ित को अस्पताल में भर्ती कराया. वह खतरे से बाहर है.

VIDEO : संगीनों के साये में दलित की शादी


चौहान ने कहा कि दो अज्ञात आरोपियों की तलाश जारी है.

(इनपुट भाषा से)

(इस खबर को एनडीटीवी टीम ने संपादित नहीं किया है. यह सिंडीकेट फीड से सीधे प्रकाशित की गई है।)

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Black Tea For Weight Loss: 3 Ways In Which The Beverage Helps Burn Fat


  • History of tea goes back five thousand years
  • Tea is replete with health benefits
  • Black tea could help regulate cholesterol levels and boost immunity

Did you know the history of tea goes back some 5000 years?  As a matter of fact, the earliest variants of tea were very different from how we perceive the beverage today. Back then, tea was drunk as a concoction to keep one warm and fortified with vital nutrients. Somewhere down the line with the introduction of milk and a various other innovative herbs, tea became a beverage for leisure. But, the truth is that tea is indeed replete with many medicinal benefits. Black tea is a type of tea that has a very strong flavour and is one of the most popular teas across the world. It is true that black tea is a variant that is the most oxidised, but if consumed in moderation, black tea’s strong antioxidants could help regulate cholesterol levels, improve heart health, boost immunity and energy levels, and also regulate weight loss. Yes, you heard us! Think weight loss and the only tea you would ever associate with it is green tea, which is not wrong. The abundant amount of catechins does help burn belly fat. Similarly, black tea has its own mechanism to steer weight loss.

Here’s why you may want to include black tea in your weight diet:

1. The gut connection: According to a study published in the European Journal of Nutrition, black tea, with help of a specific mechanism through the gut microbiome, may also contribute to good health and weight loss in humans. This mechanism is different from the one adopted by green tea particles. However, the scientists said that both the teas were effective in cutting down weight in the mice model. 

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black tea

Black tea could help improve gut health and aid weight loss

2. Lowers triglyceride levels: The flavonoids present in your cup full of black tea may prevent inflammation-induced obesity and lower triglyceride levels and visceral fats.

3. Low-calorie beverage: Did you know that the calorie count of your cup of black tea is almost negligible (approximately 2 calories per cup). It also has zero percent saturated fat and cholesterol. The amount of calories in tea is linked to other products added to it such as sugar, honey or milk. It is best to steep your black tea in nothing but water to derive its best weight loss benefits. 

(Also Read: Do You Drink Green Tea Daily? Know If It Really Helps in Weight Loss)

weight loss

The calorie count of your cup of black tea is almost negligible

Please Note: It needs to be understood that anything in excess is not a sustainable strategy for weight loss. Caffeine content of black tea is significantly higher when compared to green tea. Excess of caffeine can leave you dehydrated.  Black tea also contains natural substances called tannins, which gives black tea a characteristic strong flavour. Tannins are present in types of tea, but they are slightly in higher concentration in black tea. In moderate quantities tannins don’t harm, but when consumed in excess, tannins upset our stomach or may cause nausea and vomiting.

Therefore, include black tea in your weight loss diet, but make sure you do keep everything sugary or fattening products away from your concoction. Also keep a tab on your tea intake. Make sure you do not overdo it in a bid to lose weight. 

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Inside The Tesla Factory: Burning Cash, And Trying Not To Burn Out

At the Tesla Factory one day last week, the robotic city of Elon Musk’s dreams looked like a madhouse, a tangle of red machines and car skeletons and industrial presses, firing welding sparks and pounding steel.

But the “controlled chaos” was a bit more relaxed than usual, insisted one Tesla official. The factory was still running through the night as part of a weeks-long sprint, but workers were finding a rhythm: One engineer said he even got a recent Sunday off.

Normal for the youngest, most erratic U.S. automaker has always looked like insanity anywhere else. The Silicon Valley giant on Wednesday will report earnings that analysts expect could include $900 million of losses in the second quarter, a time of factory disasters and internal paranoia that Musk, Tesla’s billionaire chief, has described as “the most excruciating, hellish several months I’ve maybe ever had.”

But as investors scrutinize how quickly cash is burning at Tesla, the ambitious $50 billion automaker that has not made a profit in 15 years, another risk is also becoming more apparent: whether the company’s frenetic pace is leading to widespread burnout for Tesla employees – and, perhaps, even Musk himself.

The famously unpredictable company still has legions of fans and plenty of reasons to stay upbeat. Its newest car, the Model 3, has debuted to massive fanfare and raves from reviewers calling it a “modern marvel,” “highway assassin” and “pure jungle cat.” The company in early July celebrated a long-delayed production milestone, building 5,000 of the cars a week; sustained production could pleasantly surprise investors and, as Musk likes to say, prove the haters wrong.

Such quarterly earnings announcements are for most companies typically clinical affairs, but Tesla’s are known for their fireworks. During the last call, in May, Musk berated analysts for asking questions he called “boring,” “bonehead,” “so dry” and “not cool.” Tesla’s stock this week is down 20 percent from its June peak.

Gene Munster, an analyst with Loup Ventures who said Musk’s recent fights on Twitter had raised questions about his “maturity,” wrote in a note to investors Monday that he expected “a more measured Elon Musk” on the upcoming earnings call. A repeat of Musk’s last performance, he added, would mean “a material loss of investor confidence.”

Tesla retains the ignoble honor of being the most shorted on Wall Street, with more investors betting against Musk’s carmaker than any other company. Among them is Steve Eisman, whose bets against subprime mortgages were chronicled in “The Big Short” and who last week said of Musk: “Being smart’s not enough. You’ve got to execute. And he’s got execution problems.”

The company, which said last quarter that it had about $3 billion of cash on hand, will have to pay off or refinance more than $1 billion in bond payments coming due over the next year. And over the past month, investors have raced to cash in on Tesla’s potential doom, with surges in trading of credit default swaps – financial instruments that will pay out if Tesla fails to pay its debts.

Musk has pledged that Tesla will be profitable in the second half of the year if it can keep producing 5,000 Model 3 sedans a week. The carmaker hit that goal during a week-long manufacturing sprint in late June and is expected to tell shareholders Wednesday whether it kept the pace in recent weeks – a critical point that could in the long term decide whether Tesla lives or dies.

Tesla allowed Washington Post journalists last week to tour the factory, drive a Model 3 and partake in a few laps around its high-speed test track, where the cars are checked for noise, build precision and quality. Officials said Musk was visiting Tesla’s Gigafactory battery plant in Nevada after several weeks at the Fremont factory and did not make him available for an interview, though they pointed to a small alcove at the center of the factory where they said he often retreats at night to sleep.

The 5 million-square-foot car plant in the industrial barrens outside Silicon Valley has become one of the world’s most widely watched factories, in part because of Musk’s promise that he would transform it into a hyper-automated “alien dreadnought” that he called the “machine that builds the machine.”

Tesla’s push to automate every finicky detail led to major delays – “Humans are underrated,” Musk later admitted – and workers are now stationed on nearly every part of the production line. To reach its Model 3 production goal, Tesla resorted to relatively primitive measures, moving some production to a makeshift tent in the parking lot. (Officials did not allow reporters to view the tent.)

Even after that automating experiment backfired, the factory remains crowded with the red arms of high-powered German robots – 1,028 of which work on the Model 3 body line alone. Unlike in traditional auto plants, nearly a third of the robots hang from the ceiling, a space-saving move that has the effect of turning corners of the factory into caverns.

This “robot symphony,” as one official calls it, turns giant rolls of aluminum into Model 3 skeletons, which dangle above the factory floor as they are welded, bolted and assembled with motors, seats and batteries. Along the way, scanner robots inspect components’ precision down to the millimeter, craning a camera around every angle like the head of a curious bird.

For years, Musk promised the Model 3 would offer definitive proof that his luxury automaker could make cars for everyone, including a $35,000 mass-market sedan that would help wean the world off oil and look good doing it. But the cheapest models available now start at about $50,000 – selling the car now for its minimum price would, Musk tweeted, “cause Tesla to lose money & die” – meaning Tesla has remained what it has always been: a company that makes stylish cars for well-off people.

The big question for Tesla now is where it will find the money it needs to stay afloat. In the past, the company could raise as much money as it wanted, earning a market value higher than General Motors even as it claimed a fraction of the sales. But analysts say investors are starting to value Tesla not as an insurgent tech visionary but as a car company with three expensive products, a volatile factory and a limited fan base.

Musk says the company will not need to raise more money, and he has laughed off the idea of financial doomsday, tweeting a fake press release on April Fools’ Day that said Tesla had gone “so bankrupt you can’t believe it.” But in recent months the company has laid off 9 percent of its workforce and has lost dozens of high-ranking sales, service and engineering executives.

Tesla also recently took the unconventional step of asking some suppliers to refund money it had already paid them for parts, as first reported by the Wall Street Journal. The company defended the request as a standard negotiation tool used to boost cash flow and “improve our competitive advantage.”

As Tesla’s turmoil has grown, so, too, have the fights among its fans and detractors, whose unique polarization is more akin to political parties than companies. Musk has not hesitated to punch back at investors, journalists and anyone else who criticizes him.

An anonymous blogger critical of Tesla, known as “Montana Skeptic,” said last week that Musk had called his employer to complain, sparking outrage over what some said was Musk’s campaign to silence his critics. Tesla said that the man’s employer is a “longtime Tesla supporter” and that when the company “became aware” of the blogger’s actions, he “volunteered to stop.”

In a set of since-deleted 4 a.m. tweets, Musk seemed to take a victory lap, posting a photo of singer Miley Cyrus (the former “Hannah Montana”) and suggesting the blogger’s pseudonym was “a girls name.”

Trapped in the center of these battles have been Tesla’s thousands of rank-and-file employees, who have been pushed to fulfill ever-climbing demands during what Musk has called “production hell.” Musk, a famous workaholic, said at the company’s annual shareholder meeting in June that some employees had “worked 60 days straight.”

Tesla has for years exerted a magnetic pull on Silicon Valley’s ambitious workforce, and employees at the factory said they felt the company gave them a freedom to try new things that other process-driven automakers might not. But some workers during the factory tour acknowledged that, even for high-achievers, “Tesla has a way of wearing people out,” as one employee put it.

Asked about his work hours, one engineer who helped design the Model 3’s chassis instead gave his nonworking time – 7 to 9 p.m. – adding, “I’ve been 24/7 since the day I started.” The company required, as a condition of the tour, that The Post not identify workers by name.

Another engineer working on automotive noise and vibration said he had quit in 2015 because of a mix of “ridiculous hours,” the birth of his child and a “very bad conversation with Elon” but returned after a year because he said the job made him feel “empowered” to fix big problems and change the world. (Tesla later characterized his conversation with Musk not as bad but “intense.”)

He tells his team now that “everybody should have more work than they can do, all the time, because that’s how Tesla works,” though he adds that it is their job to find a way to manage those ever-growing demands. “If you don’t reach that point, this place will steamroll you,” he said.


Cruising off the test track after a reporter ride-along, the engineer laughed and said hey to a passing driver – one of his employees who, having suffered his own massive burnout, had just returned from a six-month break. He smiled as he steered a Model 3 onto the test track, and within a few seconds he disappeared.

(This story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)

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Top 9 Vegetables To Include In Your Diet To Burn Belly Fat

Belly fat isn’t just an eyesore and severely impacts our self-image as well as our confidence, moreover, it is harmful for health. Some scientific studies and research have pointed towards belly fat as being an indication of increased risk of diabetes, heart diseases and other complications. A lot of people struggle to lose the pesky fat that refuses to leave our bellies and with our lifestyles becoming more and more sedentary, our waistlines can only be expected to increase. But, getting rid of belly fat isn’t as much about doing crunches every day, as it is about eating healthy. There are some healthy foods that have natural belly fat burning abilities and consuming, which can help you melt away that fat from your abdomen.

Vegetables and fruits have a lot of fibre and are full of nutrition like essential minerals and vitamins that may help your body improve metabolism and subsequently burn belly fat. Including these in your diet may help you not just in your weight loss journey, but also to live a long and healthy life. The phrase “abs are made in the kitchen” is not an exaggeration and including these fat burning veggies in your diet will help you reach your body goals faster.

Here Are Some Of The Best Vegetables That You Can Include In Your Diet To Lose Belly Fat Quickly:

1. Spinach And Other Leafy Greens

Spinach and other leafy green vegetables like kale, lettuce, etc. are great for burning belly fat and are very nutritious as well. There have been some studies done on the subject of the fat burning capabilities of spinach and the very healthy veggie has come out a winner in this category. Add a little cooked or blanched spinach to your breakfast or lunch to set your body on track for some major fat burn.

spinach Veggies to burn belly fat: Spinach is low in calories

2. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are delicious and loved by vegetarians and non-vegetarians, alike. They have even started making appearance as an ingredient in coffees to increase their nutritional value. Mushrooms have been known to promote weight loss and fat burn by regulating the levels of glucose in the blood. Added bonus? They’re rich in protein and can help you increase your metabolism, resulting in fat loss.

mushroomsVeggies to burn belly fat: Mushrooms are rich in protein

3. Cauliflower And Broccoli

Apart from high-quality fibre and a host of health boosting minerals and vitamins, broccoli contains phytochemicals that help enhance fat loss in the body. The same goes for cauliflower. Apart from being filling, cauliflower helps fight bloating and contains phytonutrient sulforaphane, as well as good amounts of folate and vitamin C.

broccoliVeggies to burn belly fat: broccoli and cauliflower are rich in fibre

4. Chillies

A lot of health freaks swear by chilli peppers for burning fat. Recent studies have demonstrated that the heat generated by consumption of chillies helps utilise more calories and essentially oxidises layers of fat in the body. But, if you don’t like the burn of the chilli peppers, all non-hot varieties of the fruit may also do the trick, as they contain ‘capsaicin,’ which is responsible for burning fat.

green chillies

Veggies to burn belly fat: The heat from green chillies increases metabolism

5. Pumpkin

Low in calories and high in fibre, pumpkin is one of the best vegetables to include in your weight loss diet. Whether you like to blanch it and eat it in salads or add pumpkin powder to your smoothies and vegetable drinks, pumpkin can help you reach your body goals quicker.

pumpkin salad

Veggies to burn belly fat: Pumpkin can be eaten with salads and soups

6. Carrots

Carrots are one of the best low-calorie vegetables to include in your weight loss diet. Carrots are rich in both soluble and insoluble fibre and, hence, fit the bill perfectly when it comes to healthy weight loss. Blend it with other fruits or vegetables to make a healthy, nutrient-rich fat burn juice, or stir-fry it along with your meat dishes to make this veggie work its magic on you.

carrotsVeggies to burn belly fat: Carrots have almost no calories and are rich in fibre

7. Beans

Beans are one of the healthiest foods you can consume, but they are specifically great for belly fat loss as they are rich in soluble fibre, which fights inflammation that cause belly fat accumulation. Some studies have linked consumption of beans to a reduced risk of obesity.

beans can give you gas

Veggies to burn belly fat: Beans are rich in soluble fibre

8. Asparagus

Asparagus isn’t as popular a veggie as others on this list, but it’s a wonder food when it comes to burning fat and slimming down. Asparagus contains the chemical asparagine, which is an alkaloid that acts directly on cells and breaks down fat. You can roast asparagus and directly consume it with dips or stir-fry them along with other mains.

asparagus 650

Veggies to burn belly fat: Asparagus breaks down fat in cells

9. Cucumbers

Cucumbers are good for detoxifying your system and due to the presence of water and fibre, they fill you up as well, eliminating the need for you to eat more often. They are regularly used in making fat burning juices, as they are very low in calories and, hence, can be consumed as a healthy mid-meal snack too.

cucumberVeggies to burn belly fat: Cucumbers are rich in water and fibre

Other than eating a healthy and clean diet, exercise is also important for effecting belly fat loss and you just can’t skip the hustle if you want to see results. At the same time, only exercising and not taking care of your diet is also not going to bring about any change. It’s also important to try and reduce your stress levels, get adequate sleep and drink enough water, as well as get regular checkups for hormonal imbalances, in order to reduce belly fat and keep it off!

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Vivo Nex S Seen Passing Bend, Burn, and Scratch Tests Ahead of India Launch

Vivo Nex S and Vivo Nex A were launched in China as the company’s latest flagship smartphones earlier last month, and the big highlight was its 91.24 percent screen-to-body ratio. To make room for all the screen, the company had integrated a motorised pop-up camera in both the phones. Vivo Nex S, the premium model featuring a Snapdragon 845 SoC, 8GB RAM, up to 256GB inbuilt storage, and an in-display fingerprint sensor, is set to be unveiled in India on July 19, where it is expected to be called just the Vivo Nex. While the performance of the new Vivo smartphone is yet to be reviewed, the handset has undergone a bunch of durability tests to help you determine its toughness. These come in the form of scratch, burn, and bend tests.

YouTuber JerryRigEverything, who is popular for stress testing flagships, has this time picked the Vivo Nex S. One of the first things to get tested in the video is the integrated motorised pop-up camera. The smartphone has a motorised slider with the camera sensor, that moves up and down from the body. The block does not seem to wobble and makes a sound while opening it. Also, when the YouTuber pressed the camera it either pops back up or automatically retracts to its position depending on the force applied. Interestingly, when he tried to grab the camera while retracting, the mechanism still seem to have enough power to pull free of his grip.

The narrator then continues his video with a scratch test that uses the Mohs scale to examine the hardness of the front glass panel of the Vivo Nex S. Scratches on the Vivo smartphone surface at the sixth level of the scale, while some deeper signs appear at the seventh level. This is somewhat similar to the OnePlus 6 that also resisted scratches until the Moh level six of hardness.

Furthermore, the narrator in the video shows how the sound coming out of the Vivo Nex S is like. One of the most interesting new features in the Vivo Nex S is the Screen SoundCasting technology. It replaces the earpiece from the front side to achieve a bezel-less display. It leverages screen vibrations through a micro-vibration unit to generate the sound – similar to the first generation Mi Mix bezel-less smartphone. According to the video, the sound is a bit different than the ones coming out of regular smartphones.

Notably, Vivo claims the Vivo Nex S comes with the third-generation under-display fingerprint sensor that is said to be 10 percent faster with 50 percent improved accuracy. The video suggests that the functionality is not affected even when there are a few scratched on the display.

Vivo has also bundled a screen protector to make the smartphone look fresh for a longer time. The sides of the Vivo Nex S are covered with the metal frame that seems to have a paint on top that can receive scratches.

Coming towards the burn test, the screen of the Vivo Nex S withstood an open flame for about 16 seconds before the pixels become completely dead. The frame of the smartphone does get bent a bit. The YouTuber found some flex, though the build didn’t result in any cracks or kinks.

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