50-Year-Old Woman Dies After Jumping Off Building In South Mumbai’s Colaba: Cops


A 50-year-old woman Monday died after allegedly jumping off the fifth floor of a building in south Mumbai’s Colaba area, police said.

The incident took place around 11.00 am at L- Block building in the Railway Officer’s Colony at Badhwar Park, police said.

Neeta Agarwal, who was found in a pool of blood, was rushed to Jagjivan Ram Hospital in Mumbai Central where doctors declared her dead on arrival, an official said.

The deceased is the wife of Western Railway’s Chief Mechanical Engineer Anilkumar Agarwal, he said.

An accidental death case has been registered at Colaba police station and further investigation is on, he said.

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Man Killed In Building Collapse Thyagaraja Nagar area Bengaluru

खास बातें

  1. निर्माणाधीन इमारत गिरने से एक शख्स की मौत
  2. कई लोगों के दबे होने का आशंका
  3. बचाव कार्य जारी

बेंगलुरु: बेंगलुरु के त्यागराज नगर एरिया में सोमवार को एक तीन मंजिला निर्माणाधीन इमारत गिर गई. इस हादसे में एक शख्स की मौत हो गई, जबकि कुछ लोगों के दबे होने के भी खबर है. सूचना के बाद डॉग स्क्वायड और फायर ब्रिगेड की टीम मौके पर पहुंच गई है और बचाव कार्य में लगे हैं.

उत्तर प्रदेश : शाहजहांपुर जिले में गिरा निर्माणाधीन इमारत का लेंटर, दो की मौत, कई मजदूरों के दबे होने की आशंका


हादसे के संबंध में बृहत बेंगलुरु महानगर पालिका के एक अधिकारी ने कहा, ऐसा लगता है कि जो इमारत गिरी है, उसमें किसी भी तरह के कानून का उल्लंघन नहीं हुई है. हालांकि बताया जा रहा है कि संपत्ति के मालिक ने कुछ दिन पहले ही इमारत के नींव के खंभे के करीब खुदाई शुरू करवाई थी, जिससे यह हादसा हुआ. अधिकारी ने कहा कि इमारत के दस्तावेजों की जांच की जा रही है.


गाजियाबाद में इमारत गिरने से महिला की मौत, आठ गंभीर रूप से घायल 

इस हादसे में एक व्यक्ति की मौत हो गई. बताया जा रहा है कि वह एक इमारत के बीम के बीच फंस गया था. बता दें कि निर्माणाधीन इमारत गिरने का यह कोई पहला मौका नहीं है, इससे पहले भी कई बार ऐसे हादसे हुए हैं. हादसे के बाद बचाव कार्य जारी है.

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1 Feared Dead, 3 Trapped As Building Collapses In Bengaluru

A three storey building has collapsed in Bengaluru’s Thyagaraja Nagar area.


A three-storey under construction building came crashing down in Bengaluru’s Thyagaraja Nagar area today. Three people are feared to be stuck under the rubble. One person is feared dead but there is no official confirmation as yet. Dog squad and fire department have been deployed at the site and they are trying to find and rescue the victims.

Another building beside it has also collapsed. Sub-standard work is said to be the reason for the collapse.


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Empire State Building, New York Lights Up In Orange To Celebrate Diwali 2018

Happy Diwali 2018: This was the first time that Diwali celebration lit up the Empire State Building

New York: 

For the first time, the iconic Empire State Building was lit orange in celebration of Diwali. The world famous structure turned orange on Wednesday night as Indians across the world celebrated the festival of lights. The Federation of Indian Associations (FIA), the largest non-profit umbrella organisation in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut of the Indian community, lit up the monument in a special ceremony.

It was organised by the FIA in cooperation with the Empire State Realty Trust and attended by key members of the Indian diaspora. A special dance performance and cultural show was also presented on the occasion.

Federation of Indian Associations President Srujal Parikh said this was the first time that Diwali celebration lit up the iconic building and was “witnessed by thousands of people, including tourists from all over the world.”

At the November 7 ceremony, Miss America 2014 Nina Devuluri and popular singer Jay Sean along with Srujal Parikh flipped the switch to turn on the orange lights on top of the Empire State Building.

The Empire State Realty Trust or ESRT and the FIA have been illuminating the Empire State Building in August every year in the colours of the Indian tricolour – orange, white and green – for the past two decades to mark India’s Independence Day.

The FIA said such gestures by the ESRT help in spreading the ancient Indian philosophy of Vasudeva Kutumbakam (the world is one family) and also demonstrates a great harmony in spirit and deeds between people of the world’s largest and oldest democracies.

For Srujal Parikh, that was the central message when he organised the India Day parade this year, bringing together for the first time communities from other South Asian and Caribbean nations.

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Uma Bharti Says Building Mosque Near Ram Temple Could Make Hindus Intolerant

Uma Bharti said when there could not be a temple in the holy town of Medina. (File)

New Delhi: 

Union minister Uma Bharti on Sunday said while Hindus were the “most tolerant” people in the world, any talk of constructing a mosque on the periphery of a Ram temple in Ayodhya could make them “intolerant”.

The minister also invited Congress chief Rahul Gandhi to lay the foundation stone of the temple in Ayodhya with her, saying he would “atone for the sins” of his party by doing so.

“Hindus are the most tolerant community in the world. I will appeal to all politicians: please don’t make Hindus intolerant by talking about building a mosque on the outer periphery of the birthplace of Lord Ram in Ayodhya,” Ms Bharti told PTI in an interview.

She said when there could not be a temple in the holy town of Medina or a mosque in the Vatican City, it would be “unfair” to talk about a mosque in Ayodhya.

Describing the Ayodhya dispute as one of land and not faith, Ms Bharti said, “This is now only a matter of dispute of land, not dispute of faith. It has been resolved that Ayodhya is the birth place of Lord Ram.”

She also stressed the need for an out-of-court settlement of the contentious issue, and urged all political leaders – including Mr Gandhi, Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav, BSP leader Mayawati and TMC chief Mamata Banerjee – to support this.

“We need support of all political parties on this issue. I invite all leaders including Rahul Gandhiji, come let’s lay the foundation stone of the Ram temple with me,” Ms Bharti said.

By doing so, the Gandhi-scion could atone for the past sins of the Congress, which always created “hurdles” in building the temple in Ayodhya, she said.

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2 Dead In Building Collapse At Amazon’s Warehouse Collapse In Baltimore

At least two people died in the partial collapse of an Amazon.com Inc distribution warehouse. (File)

At least two people died in the partial collapse of an Amazon.com Inc distribution warehouse in Baltimore caused by severe weather, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and the company said on Saturday.

“My condolences go out to the families and friends of the victims,” Hogan said in a post on Twitter.

The incident occurred late Friday as severe winds and heavy rain swept into Maryland’s largest city, according to Hogan and a statement by an Amazon executive.

“Last night, severe weather impacted one of our Baltimore facilities resulting in two fatalities,” Dave Clark, Amazon’s senior vice president of operations, said on Twitter.

(Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is published from a syndicated feed.)

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Chinese Diplomat Zheng Xiaosong Allegedly Commits Suicide By Jumping Off Building

An official statement gave no more details but the wording suggested Zheng had killed himself.

Hong Kong: 

China’s top representative in Macau has fallen to his death from the building where he lived, authorities said Sunday.

Zheng Xiaosong, 59, the Chinese government’s liaison officer in the semi-autonomous former Portuguese colony, had been suffering from depression, Beijing said in a statement.

Zheng “fell to his death from his Macau residence on the evening of October 20, 2018 due to depression”, the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office of the State Council said. 

The statement gave no more details but the wording suggested Zheng had killed himself.

Mainland officials were to travel to Macau on Sunday to express their “condolences to comrade Zheng Xiaosong’s family” on behalf of the Chinese government, it added.

The director of Macau’s judiciary police said they were investigating Zheng’s death, Hong Kong media reported.

Zheng, a member of the ruling Communist Party’s Central Committee, was reportedly involved in talks between London and Beijing ahead of the handover of Hong Kong in 1997.

He took up the post in the gambling enclave of Macau last year. The territory operates under the same “One Country, Two Systems” principle that governs Hong Kong.

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam said in a statement that she was “grieved to learn of his sudden departure”.

(Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is published from a syndicated feed.)

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Congress creating atmosphere against building of Ram Temple says Bjp

नई दिल्ली: बीजेपी ने सोमवार को आरोप लगाया कि कांग्रेस अपने नेताओं के जरिये अयोध्या में राम मंदिर के निर्माण के खिलाफ माहौल बना रही है और उसे आश्चर्य हो रहा है कि राहुल गांधी हिन्दू हैं या नहीं.  राहुल गांधी पर भाजपा ने ऐसे समय में हमला बोला है जब कांग्रेस नेता शशि थरूर के कथित बयान में यह बात कही गई कि कोई भी अच्छा हिन्दू किसी दूसरे के पूजा स्थल को तोड़कर वहां राम मंदिर बनते देखना चाहेगा. भाजपा प्रवक्ता जीवीएल नरसिम्ह राव ने संवाददाताओं से कहा कि उनकी पार्टी राम मंदिर के मामले में सुप्रीम कोर्ट  से जल्द फैसला देखना चाहती है लेकिन कांग्रेस इसमें देरी कराने के लिये पूरा प्रयास कर रही है.

राम मंदिर पर शशि थरूर के बयान से कांग्रेस ने बनाई दूरी, कहा- यह उनका निजी बयान

उन्होंने आरोप लगाया कि कांग्रेस नेताओं ने इससे पहले मामले में देरी के लिये अर्जी दायर की थी. इस सिलसिले में अब कांग्रेस के एक और नेता शशि थरूर का नाम जुड़ गया है. नरसिम्हा राव ने कहा कि बीजेपी भव्य राम मंदिर का निर्माण देखना चाहती है और अदालत के फैसले का इंतजार करेगी. उन्होंने कांग्रेस अध्यक्ष राहुल गांधी से इस मुद्दे पर रूख स्पष्ट करने को कहा. भाजपा प्रवक्ता ने कहा, ‘‘ वह (कांग्रेस) इस बात की साजिश कर रही है कि अदालत से कोई फैसला नहीं आ पाए.’’ उन्होंने आरोप लगाया कि कांग्रेस इस मुद्दे पर वोट बैंक की राजनीति कर रही है. 

अब मुगल खानदान के ‘वंशज’ ने भाजपा को याद दिलाया राम मंदिर निर्माण का वादा, कहा- मंदिर जल्द बने

दरअसल, थरूर ने रविवार को एक कार्यक्रम के दौरान कहा कि कोई भी अच्छा हिंदू ये नहीं चाहेगा कि एक धार्मिक स्थल को गिराकर राम मंदिर बने. बयान पर हंगामा खड़े होने के बाद थरूर ने ट्वीट किया, ”मेरे बयान को गलत तरीके से पेश किया गया. मैंने सिर्फ यह कहा था कि बहुत से हिंदू इसलिए वहां पर मंदिर चाहते हैं, क्योंकि वहां पर श्रीराम की जन्मभूमि है. लेकिन एक अच्छा हिंदू नहीं चाहेगा कि ऐसी जगह मंदिर बने जहां किसी और के धार्मिक स्थल को गिराया गया हो. 


मिशन 2019 इंट्रो : चुनाव नजदीक इसलिए उठा राम मंदिर का मुद्दा?​

इनपुट : भाषा से भी

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Roof Of Under-Construction Building Collapses In Uttar Pradesh’s Shahjahanpur, Many Feared Trapped

The rescue work in the building collapse is still going on.


Several labourers are feared trapped in the debris of an under-construction building whose roof collapsed today, an official said.

Sadar Sub Divisional Magistrate Ramji Mishra said, “The roof of an under-construction building of a private inter-college collapsed Sunday when over a dozen labourers were working in it. As a result, many labourers have been trapped in the debris.”

The incident occurred in an area under Ram Chandra Mission police station in the district, he said, adding the rescue work has already been started.

No death has been reported so far, he said.

“Nearly a dozen labourers were evacuated from the debris, in which we could still see two to three labourers trapped. JCB machines and cranes have been pressed into service to rescue them,” he said, adding it is difficult to ascertain the exact number of labourers still trapped in the debris.

All the injured persons were sent for treatment to nearby hospitals, the SDM said, adding the rescue work is still going on. 

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Toyota, sensing an opening, debates building Lexus cars in China

Toyota Motor Corp, long opposed to producing its premium Lexus cars in China because of concerns over quality and profitability, is now considering it to ignite growth and narrow sales gaps with its German rivals, four company insiders told Reuters.


The company, which imports Lexus models made in Japan to sell in China, has spent the last two years researching how to produce them locally.

Toyota also talked to its Chinese joint-venture partners – Guangzhou Automobile Group Co and FAW Group – last year about Lexus models. It wasn’t clear whether Toyota approached the Chinese companies about a partnership or vice versa.

Local production would be a major shift for the world’s largest automaker, encouraged by improved China-Japan ties, as well as new Chinese investment rules that might allow foreign automakers to fully own or majority-control China operations.

“We’re torn over this,” said one of the insiders.

“But it makes little sense to let this opportunity slip by,” another told Reuters.

All four insiders declined to be identified because they are not authorized to speak to the media.

China’s planned scrapping of foreign ownership restrictions in the auto industry is in part a response to criticism that Chinese companies have been largely allowed to invest freely in outside markets while Beijing limits foreign firms’ access to the world’s second-largest economy.

The rule changes – affecting electric carmakers this year and others by 2022 – led Tesla Inc to gain Beijing’s approval for a wholly-owned China manufacturing and sales company in Shanghai. That marked the first time a foreign carmaker established itself in China without a partner.

Toyota already produces numerous Toyota-brand models, including the Camry, Highlander, Corolla, Levin and Crown, in China with partners. Last year it sold 1.29 million cars there, including imported Lexuses.

Toyota had contemplated moving Lexus production to China before – as far back as 2011-12, according to one of the four insiders.

But it had until now considered a potential erosion of quality too much of a risk, and didn’t want to sacrifice the brand’s relatively high margins by sharing profits with a local partner.

Two of the Toyota insiders said the automaker had identified specific scenarios for localizing Lexus.

“All the preparation has been more or less completed,” one said. “All we’re waiting is a ‘go’ from management.”


Toyota’s preferred option is to own all or most of a localized Lexus unit, which it could do immediately by building only electric cars. (Lexus has plans for electric battery and plug-in electric hybrid versions of existing models.)

But China might not let another brand in when the market has slowed down significantly, with sales of some foreign vehicles, including Groupe PSA, Ford and Hyundai, all falling in the gutter in recent months.

“You’d still need a good political follow-wind to execute this,” one of the sources said, pointing to help from Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who has a state visit to China planned for this month.

Even as other premium brands – such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Cadillac – have opened assembly plants in China to gain market share, Toyota has resisted.

That reluctance reflects the company’s unwillingness to share with a Chinese partner a brand painstakingly built since 1989 into a top premium car in the United States.

Opponents inside Toyota also point to China’s lowering tariffs on passenger cars to 15 percent from 25 percent in July as a reason to keep importing Lexuses.

They also note that the nearest Lexus plant to China is at the northern tip of Japan’s southernmost main island of Kyushu -only two days from Shanghai by sea.

A Toyota spokesman in Tokyo said “the most important task” for Lexus is to become a distinguished brand in China.

“We always weigh the need for localizing production as part of the consideration for the Lexus brand’s future in China,” he said. “But at this point in time, we don’t have any specific plans for producing Lexus cars in China.”

Nonetheless, support for localization is growing among Toyota leaders.

China has typically been a difficult market for Japanese companies, but there is new optimism, especially after an official visit to Japan by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in May.

During his visit, Li toured Toyota facilities on the northern island of Hokkaido, escorted by the company’s family scion and chief executive, Akio Toyoda.

Toyoda has since sought to boost his company’s presence in China, including an effort to significantly expand its manufacturing capacity and distribution networks, and share more technologies with Chinese companies.


China has also proposed limiting new production capacity for automakers, adding an incentive for Toyota to move quickly if it wants to build Lexus models there.

Nissan Motor Co and Toyota have each recently revealed plans to boost capacity, much of which will be used to produce electric cars.

Alan Kang, a Shanghai-based analyst for consultancy LMC Automotive, thinks localizing production is exactly what Lexus needs to start narrowing the big sales gap with German premium brands.

Mercedes-Benz, for example, last year sold about 610,000 vehicles, compared to 130,000 for Lexus during the same year, according to LMC.


“If Lexus doesn’t want to remain a niche, it needs to start investing more,” Kang said.

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