8 Best Amaranth Recipes For Healthy Lifestyle

Amaranth, also known as Ramdana, is one of the oldest grains that are cultivated in India. Amaranth is power-packed with various healthy properties, including proteins, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants and is full of fibre. Therefore, adding amaranth to your daily diet will improve your health and keep you active. It is a known fact that daily consumption of amaranth will help you to fight inflammation, strengthen heart, boost immunity, and improve bone, vision, skin and hair health. Amaranth grains are used in many dishes as a key ingredient like in ladoos and in chikkis.

Here We Have Some Dishes Of Amaranth For You. 

1. Grilled Peach And Papaya Salad With Amaranth Granola
Recipe by NDTV Food

Grilled peach and papaya salad with amaranth granola is a perfect and delightful dish for brunches in summer. For making grilled peach and papaya salad with amaranth granola you need to have papaya, white vinegar, amaranth granola, puffed amaranth, puffed rice flakes, peaches, cherry tomatoes and sunflower seeds.

saladGrilled peach and papaya salad with amaranth granola is a perfect and delightful dish for brunches in summer

2. Amaranth Tikkis
Recipe by NDTV FoodAmaranth tikkis are the healthier version of your regular tikkis. As amaranth is a gluten free ingredient, therefore, it makes a healthy snack, which tastes amazing. To make this delicious tikkis amaranth seeds are stir fried along with other with vegetables.

tikkis 625Amaranth tikkis are the healthier version of your regular tikkis

3. Amaranth Chocolate Ravioli
Recipe by Plavaneeta Borah

Amaranth chocolate ravioli is one of the yummiest and healthiest dishes for every chocolate lover. It is made up of chocolate and amaranth flour, which is filled with nutty cream cheese filling and served with a chocolate sauce. It is a perfect sweet delight for the ones who have a sweet tooth.


Amaranth chocolate ravioli is one of the yummiest and healthiest dishes for every chocolate lover​

4. Amaranth Cupcakes
Recipe by Plavaneeta Borah

Made up of seasonal goodness of berries and amaranth flour, amaranth cupcakes are the perfect dessert for every cupcake lover. And, the best part is that these cupcakes are super healthy, so you can eat them without any guilt.

strawberry cupcakes 625Amaranth cupcakes are perfect dessert for every cupcake lover.

5. Amaranth Flour, Carrot And Raisin Cookies
Recipe by Alok Verma – Executive Sous Chef-The Imperial New Delhi

Cookies are perfect snack that often served with milk, tea or coffee. And, these amaranth cookies are not just a treat for your tongue but also great for your tummy. For making amaranth flour, carrot and raisin cookies, you need amaranth flour, baking powder, ginger, cinnamon, butter, maple syrup, carrots, walnuts and raisins.

amaranthAmaranth cookies are not just a treat for your tongue but also great for your tummy.

6. Amaranthus Granola with Lemon Yogurt, Berries And Marigold
Recipe by Alok Verma – Executive Sous Chef-The Imperial New Delhi

If you are a fitness freak and follow a healthy diet, then this recipe is perfect for your breakfast, and the best part is that it is very easy to make. For making amaranthus granola with lemon yogurt, berries and marigold, you need amaranthus, oats, almonds, honey, brown sugar, lemon, olive oil, blueberries and plain yogurt.

granolaAmaranthus Granola with Lemon Yogurt, Berries And Marigold is perfect for your breakfast

7. Gluten-Free Amaranth Tabbouleh
 Recipe by Swasti Aggarwal, Food Strategist at Foodhall

Tabbouleh is a Middle Eastern salad. This dish is a perfect fusion of Indian and Middle Eastern flavours. For making gluten free amaranth tabbouleh you need amaranth, chickpeas, onions, tomato, cucumber, mint leaves, lemon, olive oil, sumac powder and pine nuts.

amaranth 650Amaranth, also known as Ramdana, is one of the oldest grains that are cultivated in India.

8. Ramdana ki chikki
Recipe by Niru Gupta

Ramdana ki chikki is a crispy treat for the people who fancy eating exotic sweet dishes. This dish will not only tingle your taste buds but also will keep your tummy happy and healthy. For making ramdana ki chikki. all you need to have ramdana and jaggery and you are sorted.

chocolate chikki
Ramdana ki chikki is a crispy treat for the people who fancy eating exotic sweet dishes.

So, these were the healthy recipes of amaranth, which you can try at your home and easily add them to your diet to stay healthy and active.

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KTM 790 Duke Adventure Spotted Testing Again

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Currently KTM does not have a middleweight ADV in its global model portfolio

KTM first showcased the 790 Duke and the 790 Adventure at the 2017 EICMA Motorcycle Show. While the KTM 790 Duke is almost ready for launch and international journalists have already ridden it, it is the KTM 790 Adventure which kind of excites us. Even though we are more or less certain that it might not be launched in India. This is not the first time the 790 Adventure test bike has been spotted testing. Earlier in February 2018, the bike was first spied doing its test rounds but this time around, the test bike gets a few updates and has more production ready parts than earlier. 

827(The 790 Adventure uses the same engine as the KTM 790 Duke)

Also Read: KTM 790 Duke Spied Testing

Currently, KTM does not have a middleweight adventure bike which can take on the likes of the Triumph Tiger 800, the newly launched BMW F 850 GS and the Honda Africa Twin. Also, this particular segment is seeing a lot of activity, globally and in India as well. With the launch of the 790 Adventure, KTM will have a model that sits below the bigger 1090 Adventure and the 1290 Adventure motorcycles.

The 790 Adventure will be getting the same engine as the 790 Duke, which is a 799 cc parallel twin making 103 bhp at 9,000 rpm and 86 Nm at 8,000 rpm. The engine gets two balancer shafts, semi-dry sump lubrication and is oil-cooled. From what we hear, the 790 Duke could weigh lesser than 180 kg (dry). In all probability, KTM could re-tune the engine to offer more grunt in the lower end of the rev range.

827(KTM first showcased the 790 Adventure Concept at EICMA 2017)

Also Read: KTM 790 Duke Adventure Concept Revealed At EICMA 2017

This particular test mule has a new fender upfront along with a larger windscreen. The beak on this bike is mounted on the front forks while in the earlier spyshot, the fender itself had a beak like protrusion, under the headlamp. The 790 Adventure continues to get a 21-inch wheel upfront and an 18-inch wheel at the rear. One of the highlights is the brake callipers which have been manufactured by J. Juan, a company which specialises in braking equipment for rally, trial and enduro motorcycles.

We believe that KTM will unveil the production version of the 790 Duke at this year’s EICMA to be held in November 2018 and hope against hope that it comes to India. Could it also be possible that we see a KTM 390 Adventure concept this year? Now that will surely be the icing on the cake.

Source: Solomoto.es

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सुपरकॉप हिमांशु रॉय को कैसे पता चला कि उन्हें कैंसर है

मुंबई (जयवंत पाटिल): महाराष्ट्र एटीएस के पूर्व प्रमुख हिमांशु रॉय की आत्महत्या के मामले में कई तथ्य सामने आ रहे है. ऐसा बताया जा रहा है कि कैंसर से पीड़ित हिमांशु रॉय ने डिप्रेशन में आकर खुद को गोली मार ली. पुलिस को उनका लिखा सुसाइड नोट भी मिला है. जिसमें लिखा है कि उनकी मौत के लिए कोई जिम्मेदार नहीं है.1988 बैच के आईपीएस अफसर हिमांशु बोनमैरो कैंसर (Bone Marrow Cancer) से पीड़ित थे और उनकी कीमोथैरेपी चल रही थी. बताया जा रहा है कि लंबी बीमारी की वजह से वह काफी डिप्रेशन थे.

जानकारी के अनुसार वह 2016 के बाद से अपने ऑफिस भी नहीं जा रहे थे. वह लंबी छुट्टी पर चल रहे थे. उनकी बीमारी पर काफी खर्चा हो रहा था और उपचार के लिए उन्‍हें कई बार विदेश भी जाना पड़ा. आपको बताते हैं कि हमेशा एक्टिव रहने वाले हिमांशु रॉय को कैंसर जैसी घातक बीमारी के बारे में कैसे पता चला. कैसे लंबे कद और मजबूत शरीर वाले इस सुपरकॉप को इस जानलेवा बीमारी ने अपनी ज़द में ले लिया. 

ऐसा हुआ कैंसर डिटेक्ट
हिमांशु रॉय होर्स राइडिंग (घुड़सवारी) करते वक्त गिर गए थे, इस दौरान उनके पांव में एक चोट लग गई. इलाज कई दिनों तक चला लेकिन लेकिन पांव ठीक नहीं हुआ. इस दौरान कई डायग्नोसिस-टेस्ट हुए. जब डॉक्टरों की पकड़ में मर्ज नहीं आया तो उन्हें शक हुआ उन्होंने कैंसर से जुडा टेस्ट करवाया. टेस्ट के नतीजे चौंकाने वाले निकले. हिमांशु रॉय को बोन मैरो कैंसर डिटेक्ट हुआ. 

विदेशों भी चला इलाज
कैंसर का पता चलने के बाद हिमांशु रॉय का मुंबई, पुणे और विदेश में भी इलाज चला. इलाज के दौरान हिमांशु रॉय लंबी छुट्टी पर रहे. लेकिन वह रुकने वाले कहां थे. जैसे ही थोड़ी रिकवरी हुई उन्होंने जिम ज्वाईन कर लिया. लेकिन कुछ दिनों बाद फिर से कैंसर ने उन्हें जकड़ लिया. ऐसा बताया  जा रहा है कि इसी डिप्रेशन के चलते उन्होंने आत्महत्या कर ली. 

हिमांशु रॉय पत्रकार जे डे हत्याकांड, आईपीएल स्पॉट फिक्सिंग मामला, अदाकारा लैला खान और कानून स्नातक पल्लवी पुरकायस्थ की हत्या के मामले को सुलझाने में शामिल थे.उन्हें मुंबई पुलिस का सुपरकॉप माना जाता था.

हनुमान जी के भक्त थे हिमांशु राय
लंबी कद काठी और मजबूत शरीर के हिमांशु रॉय से जब भी उन को कोई अपनी बॉडी के बारे मे पूछता था या कुछ टीप्स मांगता था, वह कहते थे, मै हनुमान जी का भक्त हूं, मै व्यायाम को महत्व देता हूं. हिमांशु रॉय के बारे में दिलचस्प बातों को याद करें तो उनके जानने वाले बताते हैं कि वह कभी चीनी या चीनी से बनी चीजें नही खाते थे, जैसे, मिठाई, कोल्ड ड्रिंक्स आदि.

हिमांशु रॉय: ‘सुपरकॉप’ जिनसे डरता था पूरा अंडरवर्ल्ड, जानें 10 खास बातें

ऐसा बताया जा रहा है कि हिमांशु रॉय जब बीमार थे और कैंसर से बाहर निकलने लगे थे तब वह अपने कई पत्रकार दोस्तों को फोन करते थे. इस दौरान वह कहते, ‘मेरी तबीयत ठीक हो रही है, मै जल्द ही आप को पुलिस की वर्दी में दिखूंगा. मुझे पूरा विश्वास है कि हनुमान जी मुझे बिल्कुल ठीक कर देंगे.’

हिमांशु रॉय: अकेले ऐसे पुलिस ऑफिसर, जिन्हें मिली थी Z+ सुरक्षा, अंडरवर्ल्ड से था खतरा

हिमांशु रॉय की तबीयत के बारे में जानकारी लेने के लिए मुंबई के कई पत्रकारों का फोन जाता. हिमांशु रॉय उनसे इतना कहते कि मैं अच्छा हो रहा हूं. लेकिन वह उनसे कभी मिलते नहीं थे. जानकारों की मानें तो उनकी बॉडी पहले जैसी नहीं दिखती थी. उससे कुछ विपरीत हो रहा था. ये शायद उनको अच्छा नहीं लगता था. इसी निराशा से उन्होंने आत्महत्या का कदम उठाया होगा.

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The Lie Lama Posters Target PM Narendra Modi, Trigger Police Search

Posters with PM Narendra Modi’s photo and reading “The Lie Lama” were seen in Delhi this week.

New Delhi:  Black-and-white posters with red text plastered across Delhi sent the police scrambling into action on Thursday, taking many of them down and registering a case against unidentified people. “The Lie Lama”, the posters read over a monochrome photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with folded hands. The police have registered a case of vandalism and “confiscated” a poster in central Delhi’s Mandir Marg area.The police have received complaints about the posters from several areas in central Delhi which fall under the New Delhi Municipal Council or NDMC besides Model Town and Moti Nagar. The posters were also widely shared on social media in the last few days, accusing PM Narendra Modi of making false promises.

Leaders and members of the BJP have objected to the posters. Acting on the complaints, the police registered the case last night after removing them from a wall in Mandir Marg’s J-Block area. They say the posters don’t have the name of any printing establishment on them. Since the posters were put up on government property, the police registered a case under the defacement law against unknown people. Local residents would be questioned to ascertain the identity of the people behind the act, they said.

Some social media users on Friday noted that many of the posters were taken down after the police case was registered.

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Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Vadra Likely To Attend Lalu Yadav Son Tej Pratap’s Wedding

Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Vadra are among the 10,000 guests invited to Lalu Yadav’s son’s wedding. (File)

Patna:  Congress president Rahul Gandhi and his sister Priyanka Vadra are among the dignitaries likely to attend the wedding ceremony of RJD president Lalu Prasad’s elder son Tej Pratap Yadav tomorrow, a close aide of the family said today.

“We have received confirmation that Rahul and Priyanka will be coming to attend the wedding. UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi is also among the dignitaries invited from across the country. We hope to receive many more confirmations of visit by the end of the day,” RJD national general secretary and MLA Bhola Yadav told reporters.

Asked whether Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has confirmed his visit, Mr Yadav, who had accompanied the RJD chief on the flight from Ranchi last evening, quipped “how can ‘chacha’ (uncle) skip the wedding of ‘bhatija’ (nephew)?”.

Fierce political rivalry spanning over decades notwithstanding, Mr Kumar and Lalu Yadav have been close friends since the 1970s, when they had started off as student leaders and were active participants in the movement launched by Jayaprakash Narayan.

Yesterday, Lalu Yadav’s eldest daughter and Rajya Sabha member Misa Bharti had said the invitation had been sent out even to President Ram Nath Kovind and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“We would like them all to bless the young couple if their busy schedule permits them to do so,” Ms Bharti had said.

Meanwhile, the celebratory mood at the houses of former Chief Minister Rabri Devi, the groom’s mother, and MLA Chandrika Rai, the bride’s father, has grown more intense since Lalu Yadav’s arrival.

The bungalows, barely a few hundred metres apart, have been decorated with flowers.

Traditional Bihari wedding rituals like ‘Haldi’ and ‘Matkor’ were being performed amid rendition of folk tunes on shehnai and other musical instruments.

Last night, on the occasion of ‘Mehndi’, Rabri Devi, Misa Bharti, Tejaswi Yadav, and groom Tej Pratap Yadav, were captured by camera at 10 Circular road, dancing to the tune of popular songs from Bollywood movies.

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Biplab Deb’s BJP Government In Tripura Worse Than British Rule: Congress

Congress alleged that Biplab Kumar Deb’s government had stopped 33 social pensions for the poor

Agartala:  Dubbing the BJP-led government’s functioning in Tripura “worse than the British rule”, the Congress on Friday accused it of demolishing opposition party’s offices here and warned of an agitation from May 17 on the issue.

“Within two months of assuming office, the Bharatiya Janata Party-led government bulldozed 60- to 70-year-old Congress offices in Agartala. We will launch a massive agitation from May 17 if the government demolished one more party office in Tripura,” state Congress President Birajit Sinha told the media.

“The BJP’s two-month rule in Tripura is worst than the British rule in India.”

Accompanied by party leaders Gopal Roy and Tapas Dey, Mr Sinha said that all political parties and their trade union bodies have the right to do politics and offices were required for the purpose.

“The government is trying to establish one-party rule in Tripura. They do not want the opposition parties to function in the state,” he said.

Led by West Tripura District Magistrate Milind Dharmrao Ramteke and district police chief Ajit Pratap Singh, officials have since Monday bulldozed many offices of the Communist Party of India-Marxist, Congress and other parties, alleging they were built on government land.

The Congress leader said that Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb’s government had stopped 33 social pensions introduced by the previous Left Front government that benefited over 4.50 lakh poor people.

“The government has also kept in abeyance all types of recruitment though there are 50,000 vacancies in government departments,” he said, showing government circulars.

“BJP workers and members of Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura are engaging in violent clashes daily, causing serious trouble for the people. They are forcing elected leaders of local bodies to resign,” Mr Roy added.

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Kashmiris Beaten by Mob In Delhi Colony, Residents Say They Started It

The incident took place at Sunlight colony in south east Delhi.

New Delhi:  Three Kashmiri women and a man were allegedly surrounded and thrashed by residents at a colony in Delhi last night. In a video clip on social media, a wounded woman, her back to a car, screams as she is beaten with hockey sticks. Men and women shout abuses instead of coming to the woman’s rescue.

The incident took place at Sunlight colony in south east Delhi.

The group that was assaulted has told the police that the harassment had started months ago, when neighbours allegedly targeted the men and women for being Kashmiri and shouted “kashmiri ugrawaadi (extremist)” at them. The group was repeatedly asked to leave the neighbourhood.

Last night, they were cornered by around 40 people, they allege.

“There are complaints from both sides. There were complaints earlier too. We are investigating,” said senior police officer Chinmoy Biswal.

One of the Kashmiri women said: “My sisters were abused and beaten up. I have a broken left hand and one of my guests who had come to visit us was also attacked. It was a planned attack and the accused were carrying hockey sticks.”

Alleging “constant harassment”, she complained: “So many people kept assaulting us and making videos, but nobody came to help. We have asked for police protection.”

A neighbour gave a different version, saying one of the Kashmiri men “misbehaved with women” and the fight started because of it.

The woman, Sangeeta Tripathi, said: “A man from that family regularly misbehaves with women in the area. I lodged a complaint against him for molestation in December. Last night too, the man and his friends abused me and misbehaved.”

She claimed that she and other residents were carrying sticks because of a dog menace.

Last night there was an argument and a fight broke out.

“The woman beat herself up to inflict self-injuries. They claimed we thrashed her…it is all lies. I snatched the stick from her to stop her. No one thrashed her,” claimed Ms Tripathi.

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Kremlin Says Changing Law To Allow Vladimir Putin Another Term In Office Not On Agenda

Vladimir Putin had in 2008 left the Kremlin after completing 2 presidential terms

Moscow:  The Kremlin said on Friday that a suggestion by regional lawmakers to change the constitution to allow President Vladimir Putin to serve another presidential term when his current term ends in 2024 was not on Putin’s agenda.Lawmakers in the southern region of Chechnya this week suggested Russia adopt a law that would allow the president to serve three terms in a row. The constitution currently bars anyone from serving more than two consecutive terms.

“This is a constitutional question,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on a conference call on Friday when asked about the proposal. “It is not an item on the president’s agenda.”

Peskov said Putin had made his position on changing the constitution clear in the past.

Putin in 2008 left the Kremlin after completing two presidential terms in line with the constitution and stepped aside to allow his close ally, Dmitry Medvedev, to serve a single presidential term while he served as prime minister.

Putin then returned to the presidency in 2012 and won another six-year term this year, prompting speculation about what he will do when his current term ends in 2024 when he will be 71 years old.

© Thomson Reuters 2018

(This story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)

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When You Think About It, the Xbox One Has the Greatest Exclusive of This Generation

For the most part, the Xbox One looks like a series of missteps, instead of being a worthwhile successor to the Xbox 36, Microsoft’s most popular console ever. It is handicapped with only a few exclusive games, doesn’t have the best support from third-party developers thanks to its initial specifications knee-capped in favour of Kinect, and a heavy dependency on patches and updates that span gigabytes galore. Despite all of these issues, I still use my Xbox One regularly due to one main reason – backwards compatibility.

Announced at E3 2015, the Xbox One backwards compatibility program lets you play select Xbox 360 and original Xbox games on the Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X. How it works is you can buy the games digitally, or use the original discs that act as a proof of ownership, allowing you to download a version of the game playable on the Xbox One family of consoles. Chances are that a decent chunk of your games on either console would be playable on the Xbox One.


Sure, the Xbox One doesn’t have anything that compares to Yakuza 6, God of War, or Horizon Zero Dawn, but it does have something even better. What it lacks in new exclusives, it makes up with a host of classics with a fresh coat of paint.

Consider Star Wars: Republic Commando. This underrated mid-2000s squad shooter is perhaps one of the best uses of the Star Wars license in a post-Knights of the Old Republic world. Getting it to run in widescreen on a PC with all the modern trimmings is an arduous task when compared to just firing it up on the Xbox One where it runs smoothly, filling up every corner of the TV screen.


Or what about Panzer Dragon Orta? The on-rails shooter from Sega is next to impossible to find and is in a class of its own thanks to visuals that still hold up along with gameplay that would make most modern game designers perplexed. It was quite the looker back in the day and is even better now thanks to being enhanced for the Xbox One X to support 4K and 60fps.

Similar treatment is meted out to classics like the first Crackdown, The Witcher 2, and Red Dead Redemption, all of which look better than what they did at launch. Sony doesn’t see the point of backwards compatibility so it hasn’t invested in it, preferring to charge you for remasters or its PS Now streaming service, which is still subject to the whims of Internet connectivity that’s far from uniform, and Nintendo’s announcement that the Virtual Console is dead on the Switch pretty much ensures that the Kyoto-based firm will focus on new experiences outside a handful of Wii U ports.


When you look at the current gaming landscape, backwards compatibility fills a need that most game companies choose to ignore. With every major publisher looking to make an open-world game tied into live services, online dependencies, and micro-transactions, game design seems to have been homogenised with familiar elements popping up in every title. You have checkpoints, markers, factions, allies, hub worlds, side-quests, large swathes of open spaces to raise havoc in, online multiplayer, expansion passes and a general disregard for narrative in favour of emergent experiences — leaving you to fill in the gaps of story as we’ve seen in the likes of Sea of Thieves and Destiny, among others.

All of this makes the ability to kick back and blast rebel scum in a Star Wars shooter without pay-to-win micro-transactions a breath of fresh air. There’s just enough of a visual upgrade to keep things fresh and gameplay is timeless enough to hold up despite the obvious lack of a vast empty world as a playpen.

And while we have no doubt that E3 2018 should bring some new Xbox One exclusives to bolster this year’s lean line-up of Sea of Thieves, State of Decay 2, and Crackdown 3, backwards compatibility on the Xbox One remains Microsoft’s greatest exclusive to date. It’s a celebration of what games could be rather than a harsh reminder of what they’ve become.

If you’re a fan of video games, check out Transition, Gadgets 360’s gaming podcast. You can listen to it via Apple Podcasts or RSS, or just listen to this week’s episode by hitting the play button below.

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SC collegium agrees in principle to reiterate Justice Josephs name

खास बातें

  1. 16 मई को फिर होगी कॉलेजियम की बैठक
  2. कुछ और जजों के नाम भी भेजे जाएंगे
  3. बैठक में कॉलेजियम के सभी सदस्‍य शामिल हुए

नई दिल्‍ली: सुप्रीम कोर्ट कॉलेजियम ने उत्तराखंड हाई कोर्ट के चीफ जस्टिस के एम जोसेफ का नाम फिर से सरकार के पास भेजने का फ़ैसला किया है. कॉलेजियम ने शुक्रवार को इसपर अपनी सैद्धांतिक सहमति दे दी. साथ ही कॉलेजियम ने कुछ और हाइकोर्ट जजों का नाम भी भेजने का फ़ैसला किया है. इसके लिए नामों पर विचार करने के लिए 16 मई को फिर कॉलेजियम की बैठक बुलाई गई है. उसके बाद ही जस्टिस जोसेफ़ और बाक़ी नामों को मंज़ूरी के लिए केंद्र के पास भेजा जाएगा. आपको बता दें कि कॉलेजियम ने पहले भी जस्टिस जोसेफ़ का नाम केन्द्र के पास भेजा था लेकिन सरकार ने उस पर फिर से विचार करने के लिए वापस भेज दिया था. प्रधान न्यायाधीश दीपक मिश्रा की अध्यक्षता वाली पांच सदस्यीय कॉलेजियम की बैठक में इसके सभी सदस्यों – न्यायमूर्ति जे चेलामेश्वर, न्यायमूर्ति रंजन गोगोई, न्यायमूर्ति मदन बी लोकूर और न्यायमूर्ति जोसेफ कुरियन ने हिस्सा लिया.

कॉलेजियम की एक घंटे तक चली इस बैठक में फैसला किया गया कि उच्चतम न्यायालय के न्यायाधीश के लिये उच्च न्यायालयों के न्यायाधीशों के नामों के साथ ही न्यायमूर्ति जोसेफ के नाम की पुन: सिफारिश की जायेगी.कॉलेजियम ने एक प्रस्ताव पारित करके कहा कि केन्द्र को अन्य नाम भेजे जाने के मसले पर आगे विचार की आवश्यकता है और इसलिए उसकी बैठक 16 मई के लिये स्थगित कर दी गयी.

प्रस्ताव में कहा गया, ‘‘प्रधान न्यायाधीश और कॉलेजियम के अन्य सदस्यों में सिद्धांत रूप में यह सहमति बनी है कि उत्तराखंड उच्च न्यायालय के मुख्य न्यायाधीश (मूल उच्च न्यायालय केरल) केएम जोसेफ को शीर्ष अदालत का न्यायाधीश नियुक्त करने की दुबारा सिफारिश की जाना चाहिए.’’ प्रस्ताव में आगे कहा गया, ‘‘हालांकि, यह दोहराते समय शीर्ष अदालत में पदोन्नति के लिये उच्च न्यायालयों के मुख्य न्यायाधीशों के नामों की भी साथ में सिफारिश की जानी चाहिए, जिसके लिये विस्तृत विचार की आवश्यकता है.’’


VIDEO: जस्टिस चेलामेश्वर ने CJI को लिखी एक और चिट्ठी

इसमें कहा गया, ‘‘इस तथ्य के मद्देनजर, बैठक बुधवार, 16 मई, 2018 के लिये स्थगित की जाती है.’’ कॉलेजियम ने 10 जनवरी को न्यायमूर्ति जोसेफ और वरिष्ठ अधिवक्ता इन्दु मल्होत्रा को शीर्ष अदालत में न्यायाधीश नियुक्त करने की सिफारिश सरकार से की थी. लेकिन सरकार ने इन्दु मल्होत्रा के नाम को मंजूरी देने के साथ ही न्यायमूर्ति जोसेफ की फाइल प्रधान न्यायाधीश को पुन: विचार के लिये लौटा दी थी. विधि एवं न्याय मंत्री रवि शंकर प्रसाद ने इसके साथ प्रधान न्यायाधीश को पत्र भी लिखकर इसमें कई मुद्दे उठाये थे.

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